Charlotte Nagey

“Be the badass you were too lazy to be yesterday

In 2016, Charlotte took a deep dive into her passion for fitness and health. She is one badass barre instructor who also teaches Mat and Reformer Pilates, yoga, and SUP.  Charlotte teaches because she wants to help others achieve the strongest version of themselves.  Don’t be fooled by her tiny frame, she is dangerous in the barre room. She is an expert at body positioning and creating intense sequences with the smallest of movements, all in an effort to make you feel the burn for days to come. Charlotte is constantly focused on alignment for her clients. Your body is your “house”, how will you protect it?”

When she is not teaching, you will find Charlotte planning luxury vacations in her new career as a travel advisor, at Ourisman Travel. You'll also catch her running, taking spin classes, hot yoga, and paddling on her board chasing sunsets or sunrises.


Charlotte is crazy passionate about fitting in a sweat sesh every day. This love of fitness and the belief that sweat transforms lives, gave Charlotte the tenacity to pursue her dreams to quit her 9-5 corporate job to become a full time instructor. She wants YOU to become a part of her “tribe”! Her authentic anecdotes will keep you motivated to leave your excuses at the door and push away your limitations.

Charlotte is also passionate about fun. Though achieving your fitness (and personal) goals are important, she thinks it’s even more important to have FUN. So smile, there’s no need to be so serious all the time. 

Lastly, pizza is life!