Darryll Peterson

“Growth and comfort cannot coexist. DIG DEEP

Born and raised in Baltimore, Darryll’s heart belongs right here.  Darryll grew up playing basketball and had a full college scholarship as a DI athlete.  She fell in love with REV after experiencing the high positive energy and wanted nothing more than to be part of this REVolution and to help create it.  Darryll brings her athlete mentality to the podium by helping others push past their limits with a fun and rewarding style.  EDM and electronics are her favorite type of music to push you past your comfort zone both on the bike and on the mat.


Outside of fitness, Darryll is crazy passionate about travel.  Seeing the world, trying new food and drink, and meeting new people are some of her most cherished memories.  She finds it exhilarating to step foot in a new country and have a new world to discover, learn, and explore.