Erin Bowsher

“Be thankful for who you are now, and keep fighting for who you want to be tomorrow”

Originally from Philadelphia, Erin played Division I tennis at Drexel University. She moved to Baltimore in July 2019 after spending 3 years on the west coast. On her first day in the city, Erin took a REV class and quickly fell in love with the energy and passion of the studio’s community. Erin creates a welcoming environment in all of her classes with her bubbly personality. She encourages everyone to find their challenge point and push past their comfort zone. Expect to leave her class feeling accomplished, empowered and confident to take on the rest of the day! Outside of REV, Erin works on the Product Management team at Under Armour.


Erin is crazy passionate about staying active every day. She loves switching up her routine and discovering new movements and ways to sweat. You can often find her in the gym/studio before the sun rises because she believes there is nothing better than starting your day with a kickass workout!