Jaime Dardine

“Excuses are different than fear.”

Jaime will challenge you beyond measures on the bike. A natural athlete who grew up playing a variety of sports and lacrosse in college. Jaime brings her team spirit and motivated attitude to the studio and keeps you going when you need it most. She is a true believer of: One Heart. One Team. We Ride.


Comradery + Teamwork.  Two big concepts that have helped shape who Jaime is today. Jaime knows firsthand how your values off the field are formed by the many years spent on the field. She thrives on being involved within a community and has a passion for working with people to accomplish something or who have a common goal in mind. Some people don’t realize how far a word of encouragement, a positive attitude, or even a smile can change someone’s day. The idea of inspiring and empowering one another is an amazing thing and Jaime hopes to continue to do that, both in and out of the studio.