Josh Wingo

“Progress not Perfection"

Josh was born and raised in Baltimore and while he has had the opportunity to live elsewhere, he ultimately chose Charm City to live and work becuase of it's authenticity and tight-knit communities. Josh is the founder of Rasani Media and loves blasting hip hop, writing in his journal, ordering all the charcuteries, and watching NBA. He is a true hustler, fashionmonger, and artist. Josh brings his passion to life in every class he leads. You will tap it back with hip hop and in the next song you will be swept away for an inspirational flat road, all to push yourself to be your very best self. When he is not teaching you will find him running with Back on My Feet. Come experience Josh's soulful class today! 



Josh is passionate about 2nd chances at life.

He almost died 3 years ago and required open heart surgery to remove a germ in his heart valve. Before the surgery, Josh took everything for granted and never stopped to just appreciate life. He was unavailable for most people in a real way. Always chasing the material, worried about the wrong things, and completely self-seeking.

After the surgery, he couldn't run, work, travel or do anything he wanted to do. The universe wanted him to slow the fuck down. The people in his life took care of him, ran his business, and gave him the opportunity to rest and recover.

He started reading, writing, meditating, and spending time with people who loved him. Josh began realizing how precious the people around him are and how much life sucks without help and support.

He recovered quickly and began working out again. Running again! Slowly, but surely with his newfound inner strength and peace, he became stronger and faster than ever before. He reminded himself that there's nothing worse than what he had been through so GO AFTER IT and HAVE FUN. You only live once for real!

That's what brought Josh here, to REV Cycle Studio. Spin is a group of people in a dark room without judgment, working hard towards betterment. The room is a sacred and safe space. In it, Josh connected with fellow riders and with himself so he could take a break from the outside world and recharge in order to be a beast in other aspects of his life.

True strength is inside of you. Josh had to learn the hard way. But, he learned to appreciate his body, mind, and soul and to nourish it with fitness and positivity to push himself to be better every day! Now, he's ready to help you do the same as he leads you from the podium.