Kelsey McGlynn

“Make shift happen.”

Kelsey hails from Philly, loves to travel, and is a total adventure seeker.  She believes that when we travel we learn and discover, and when we return home we craft beautiful lives shaped by our experiences.  Kelsey has traveled to discover both new cities and countries.  She moved to Baltimore to attend Loyola University and then to California with her dog, Lucy, for a few years post-college.  When it was time to return home, there was no question that she would to come back to Baltimore as she missed the sense of community Charm City offered her.  One day, Kelsey hopes to further explore the world by becoming a travel writer while also teaching barre and yoga to many different communities of people. 

Kelsey teaches from her heart and her mission is to help transform her tribe through strength, confidence, and body awareness which barre provides both on and off the mat.  She believes that everybody has a voice and she uses BARRE45 as her method to inspire others to find it.


Kelsey is crazy passionate about living a colorful life and inspiring others to do the same. She believes in making personal growth a priority; being motivated by the highest vision of yourself, not by fear or doubt. Kelsey believes that how you see yourself, your life, and your options is shaped by your mindset. With that in mind, she strives to live & teach her students to seek experiences that both challenge and promote personal growth.