Nicole Breves

“You are entirely up to you.”

Get ready to bring your ‘A’ game when you hit the barre with this former Division I track star! Originally from CT, she moved south to compete for the University of South Carolina and later settled in Baltimore post-college. While she will always be a “New England girl” at heart, Baltimore has been her home for 10 years now. Over the years, she couldn't help, but grow to love the grit and grace of both the City and the community. She teaches both BARRE45 and BARREABS + ARMS with intensity and heart that will leave you feeling motivated beyond the walls of REV.



Nicole is passionate about inspiring others to realize the potential they hold within themselves to live the life they desire. You CAN do it. No, it will not always be easy. Her classes are challenging in order to push you beyond your comfort zone. Finding balance in life is important and Nicole encourages everyone to incorporate a fitness routine they love to compliment and support all the other aspects. In her own life, she has a passion for traveling the world and sharing experiences with ones she loves. She believes personal growth never stops, and encourages others to be proactive in taking charge over their own lives. You are entirely up to you!