Nicole Breves

“We all have an inner athlete, let me show you how great you can be.”

Get ready to bring your ‘A’ game when you hit the barre with this former Division I track star! For Nicole barre is the perfect combination of mental focus and physical strength. She will challenge you to bring out your inner athlete with a killer playlist to keep you motivated.


Nicole is crazy passionate about inspiring others in fitness through finding what they love. From a young age, Nicole was always competing. She danced with the Moscow State Ballet and went on to become a Division I track runner at the University of South Carolina. After college, Nicole struggled to find enjoyment in running and working out. It felt like a job instead of a passion. Somehow, through life’s twists and turns, Nicole fell in love with spinning and barre classes. Now, she wants to inspire people to love their workouts, which encourages long term success. She believes in quality workouts over quantity, and truly pushing yourself to be your best, physically AND mentally.