Noelle Hewitt

“It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!”

A loyal REV client turned badass barre instructor, Noelle is a competitive athlete at heart and true inspiration to many of us. A former D1 lacrosse player, she brings intensity to her barre classes and encourages her clients to push deeper. Whether BARRE45 or BARREAbs + Arms, her classes are energetic, athletic, and set to solid playlists. Noelle will elevate your workout and give you the confidence you need to finish strong! Outside of REV, Noelle works for Merritt Companies and volunteers with Volunteering Untapped, an organization she helped launch that's dedicated to improving Baltimore. 


Aside for her love of bulldogs, Noelle is passionate about raising the bar(re). She believes that dedication and hard work pays off, which is why she gives 110% effort no matter what she is doing. Whether she is going #doublestrong in barre and cycle classes or planning volunteering opportunities around the city each month, Noelle is constantly looking to challenge herself and motivate others. Her goal is to inspire clients to become their strongest selves, both mentally and physically, by encouraging them to push beyond their limits.  In Noelle’s eyes, there is nothing better than seeing her clients leave class feeling proud of their effort...and then seeing them come back for more!