Sahar Nesvaderani

“Some people have more talent than you… but nobody should be working harder than you”

Sahar describes herself as a Type-A, nature obsessed, adventure seeking, nerdy Maryland girl. She grew up 40 mins outside of the city but moved to Baltimore in 2017 to attend the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Before dental school Sahar received her master’s degree from Georgetown University in Physiology and Biophysics and a bachelor’s from College Park in Public Health. When she’s not face down in a textbook or her patients mouth- you can find her painting, reading, hiking, traveling, cooking, teaching yoga, or the obvious—WORKING OUT!  Sahar lives’ her life with the notion that you should never settle, hustle hard, keep your standards high, and respect the process.

Her class is where you can feel, heal, and let go. Her music is an unapologetic mix of rap, hip-hop, mashup’s, EDM, pop, house and simply feel-good music with lots of energy. Every song is a new obstacle, you get through one- you can get through them all. You are not riding for her, but she will have your back. You will find strength in your struggles, and Sahar will show you how powerful you TRULY are. ;)


Living a life that will challenge me!! I don’t want to coast through life. I want hurdles, I accept rejection, I break road-blocks. I believe you never discover your true potential unless you prevail from your disappointments and set-backs. I love to explore new realms, take paths least-often traveled, and revel in the satisfaction I feel when I remain tenacious and fight for what I want. I have learned more about myself and the strength I possess not from my successes but from my failures, and it’s the reason why I never quit on myself. The life of an “alpha” is not for everyone… EARN IT.