Sam Sank

“Say something if you feel something!”

A total boss-ass b*, Sam heads the marketing and athlete relations division for an NFL Agency, and is also known as a badass instructor on the podium! Her positive, upbeat teaching style will keep you moving and flowing through those sprints, attacks, and climbs. Sam loves having fun - work hard/play hard mentality - and losing herself to the swaggy beats. Join Sam in class, lose yourself, and walk out of the room dripping that “swag-gu.”


Outside of fitness: S-P-O-R-T-S! It’s the world’s universal language, and Sam feels you can connect with anyone about their favorite team. Growing up, Sam’s Dad really encouraged her to get involved and understand athletics, which resulted in her playing Division I lacrosse. The mental, physical, and emotional drive and strength it takes to “be an athlete,” and participate at any level, is something she loves seeing in individual people, teams, and in the game. Whenever she travels, she always tries to get to a local sporting event – the atmosphere fills her soul.