“You are exactly where you are supposed to be, which is right here in the moment. LET’S GET IT!”

Ashlee Wilkes

How Would You Describe Your Class?

As a former athlete, Ashlee found her way to REV through her passion for fitness and commUNITY. Her class will make you sweat, smile, let go, and dig deep. She will motivate you to find your inner-athlete; because she believes we are all athletes in our own way, and inspire you everyday to be your greatest and most badass self. Ashlee believes success isn’t something that happens over night, it’s when everyday we get a little better than the day before. #LetsGetIt!

Why Do You Ride?

I ride for the competitive and goal getting environment the REV commUNITY brings every single day. When we focus on where we are and execute better, that’s when the big goals & the big dreams start to happen. It starts in the room, with the lights off, when nobody is watching- and it’s just you and the bike. That’s when big things happen- we just have to keep getting after it.

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