“Excuses are different than fear.”

Jaime Dardine

How Would You Describe Your Class?

Intense. Some days you may be feeling amazing and other days you just want to sweat. The hardest part is showing up. However you’re feeling in the moment that you walk into my class, if you’re giving 100% of whatever you’ve got to give that day, that’s all we can ask for. My goal is to push my classes to a point of intensity that scares them (just a little bit ) because it’ll force them out of their comfort zone and that’s where the magic happens.

Why Do You Ride?

For that feeling you get in class when everyone is there for a different purpose but for 45-minutes you have these individuals pushing you to be better. It’s 45-minutes you carve out of your day to focus on you and to forget about whatever you need to forget about it. There’s certain points in classes where that one song comes on, I look out to the group of badass people riding together, and I get goosebumps. That’s why I ride... for that feeling.

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