Kelly Berger

How Would You Describe Your Class?

Don't just spin with me... DANCE! Good vibes only accepted in my class ... but lets not forget that comes along with WORK. I will push you to the edge and then I will remind you to smile and take it all in. A full body burn and addicting music is the only way to get in the best workout! Join me, you wont be disappointed.

Why Do You Ride?

I ride because I love the feeling that comes along with it all. I love pushing people to be their best. I love demanding each rider to dig a little deeper. I love the feeling of riding as one. And most importantly, I love reminding everyone to dance through life. Showing my passion on the bike not only for fitness but life is always my goal. Being a former professional athlete and knowing that hard work does pay off, I hope to push you to be your best every single time you step into the studio. The experiences I have learned through sports have not only shaped me to be the person I am but also to be the teacher I am. I remind myself everyday how lucky I am to get the chance to ride with you and we only get one life so you might as well live it up. What impression do you want to leave... because I want to leave the best one.

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