“You are entirely up to you.”

Nicole Breves

How Would You Describe Your Class?

High energy, intense, and full of heart. I turn the volume up so you can catch the beat and push out of your comfort zone. My class is challenging but full of love.There is no room for judgement or negativity, only uplifting energy and empowerment. I want you to leave feeling accomplished and motivated beyond the walls of REV.

Why Do You Pulse?

So many reasons! As a former Division I athlete, I crave that feeling of pushing myself physically and mentally. Barre is the ultimate combination of strength of mind and body. As an instructor, those 45 minutes are the best of my day. We get to sweat, inspire each other, build a community, and have a damn good time doing it! I am so grateful to have found an outlet to share my passion with others.

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