“It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!”

Noelle Hewitt

How Would You Describe Your Class?

Whether BARRE45 or BARREAbs + Arms, my classes are intense and encouraging, helping clients push deeper. My classes are energetic, athletic, and set to solid playlists. I'll elevate your workout and give you the confidence you need to finish strong!

Why Do You Pulse?

Having started as a spin and barre client before becoming an instructor, I'm very passionate about the REV experience. I know that dedication and hard work pay off, which is why I'm constantly looking to challenge and motivate my clients in the barre room. My goal is to inspire clients to become their strongest selves, both mentally and physically, by encouraging them to push beyond their limits. Nothing is better than seeing clients leave class feeling proud of their effort...and then seeing them come back for more! Let's raise the bar(re) and have some fun!

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