An overview of our facilities at REV.

{ what to bring }

So it’s your first time? No big deal, we were all newbies once too! Here is some more information to help ease your mind and get you feeling confident before you even walk through our doors. Have a question? Email us at  

Water Bottle

If you bring an empty water bottle to REV, we have a FREE water bottle filling station. Forgot your water? No worries, we have water for purchase.


Socks and sneakers for cycling classes or bare feet for barre class. You can cycle with sneakers or use our complimentary cycle shoes.  We have limited sizes so make sure you always bring your sneakers with you. The barre room does not require socks or sneakers; you may wear socks with grip, if you choose.

What to Wear

Feel free to wear whatever you want. We recommend form-fitting pants, capris, or shorts with a sporting tee or tank. Need a hair tie, ear plugs, towels? Don’t worry, REV has you covered.




{ before you come to class }


Hydration is key before and after any type of exercise. Be sure to drink water throughout the day.


For your first class, arrive 15 minutes early to check-in at the front desk.  We will sign you in, give you a quick tour and set you up on your bike.  If you are running late, please note that 3 minutes before class start, your spot may be given away if there are others waiting for an open spot.