Instructor's Favorite Teaching Moments of 2018
Posted on December 23, 2018 in REV Community


When REV's instructors teach, they get the opportunity to share their love, passion and joy of fitness with YOU. At REV, you experience classes you never forget—maybe it was a themed class that resonated with you or a funny moment with the instructor. This is also true for your badass instructor. The REV instructors sat down and reminisced on the past year, focusing on all the positive events and things accomplished. We want to share our team’s favorite moments of 2018, in hopes that you will reminisce and share yours.


My most memorable teaching moment this year was partnering with EC for our second annual 90 minute ride benefitting TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms).  My mom came this year and actually spoke before class, which was so amazing for me to witness. A rider of mine also spoke before class of her own struggles and how REV has helped her. I look forward to this ride every year, not only because of the deep meaning it has to me, but because I see lives being changed through this ride and what it represents. I am so inspired by this community and how we can come together for a common goal and good. This ride especially elevated me and reinforced that the room is so big, bold, intentional and life changing. This ride, the feelings, movements and passion and purpose, is why I do what I do. It’s so very humbling and beautiful. It’s an honor to be an instrument and to feed off the love EC and I both have for the higher purpose of the room.


My favorite teaching moment from 2018 was being able to help lead Cycle to Inspire with Ulman Cancer Fund. Having a mom who is a breast cancer survivor, it means a lot that I am able to give back to a community that holds a special place in my heart by doing what I love. There is no better feeling than teaching to 80+ people and riding to the same beat! It’s an epic experience that I look forward to participating in years to come!

Also, the co-teach ride I did with Esther was a great experience. I’ve always admired her for her intensity on the bike; so being next to her teaching side by side was a ride I will always remember.


One word: Wednesday. I can't think of any classes in particular, because every Wednesday is special and meaningful to me. I get to teach twice, at 6:00am (BARRE45) and also at 6:30pm (BARREAbs & Arms), which gives me the privilege of seeing and encouraging many #REVbarre clients. They mean the world to me, and I'm incredibly grateful for each client who shows up. Most importantly, I'm always impressed with how hard everyone works - the hustle is real! I always say that I get to start and end each Wednesday the best way possible.

Oh, and of course I love teaching BB&B (Bike, Barre & Bubbles) with Barb!


My favorite moments were definitely two recent team teaching classes. Team teaching with Jami at the Ulman Cycle to Inspire was pretty amazing. It was for a good cause, so I felt good about that, but it's probably the closest I'll ever get to being a that was pretty damn awesome too! And team teaching with Josh for his first DJ ride with James Nasty was pretty epic. Those events definitely make you feel as part of a team.


I Have a few favorite moments from this year, how can you not when you’re at REV?

  1. BARCS charity ride in April - this ride was amazing - we were able to raise over $700 for one of the charities that I truly care about here in Baltimore. Seeing all the people come and support one cause and have fun while doing it, was amazing!
  2. Team teaching with Kelly - she's been such a great mentor and being able to share the stage with her and her tribe is always a blast (no pun intended LOL). Her classes are fun, her tribe is inviting and we always have a good time!
  3. Black Friday DJ Ride - this ride was awesome - it was my first time working with DJ James Nasty who was so great, but also black friday is just an amazing time of year. So many of my friends that no longer live in Baltimore were back in town. I've been at REV for about a year now, and being able to teach in front of friends and family is still one of the best feelings-electrifying is how I would describe it.


Gratitude is a powerful force that keeps us in check in finding satisfaction and contentment in our day-to-day life. Yet, there are powerful moments in our day-to-day life that truly take our breath away. In my life I seek more moments like this, as they are deep connections to what I love in life. A couple of these moments in 2018 were with my #REVtribe, more specifically, leading my first adventure fitness retreat with 23 tribe members in Iceland!  A specific moment that I will never forget in my life was teaching a spin class in this trip for the tribe retreat, plus 120 Icelandic riders. Not only was the language a minor barrier, but the mic itself was not available for me to use! I remained calm, I looked at my tribe, explained the situation, and they told me, “you’ve got this, go get them, you are Esther, who the fuck needs a mic”, and that was just what we did as a team. I gave them 110% and they gave back 140%. There is no need of a mic when the connection is so strong-the only language needed is love. I am grateful for my tribe, as they elevate me and continue to take my breath away in moments that are locked in my heart till I die.


My favorite teaching moment was when I taught on Saturday, April 7th for Moveable Feast; supporting their efforts to provide meals to Marylanders with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. First, I was very thankful that REV completely donated the space so 100% of the registration fees went to Moveable Feast (as part of their fundraising for the Ride for the Feast). Second, I appreciated the generosity of REV clients (some of whom I have been volunteering and/or donating to Moveable Feast for a while and I had no idea). Third, the class was all smiles from start to finish - everyone came not only for a super tough workout, but a good time. And fourth, it was a 90s theme class, and that's my jam 🙂


Hands down, Ulman Cancer Ride at Baltimore Soundstage. The energy from 100 people, including so many REV clients, was amazing. Also, being able to team teach with Maddison for such a great cause made it that much more memorable. I’m still riding high!


It’s hard for me to pick just one class because I really look forward to motivating and inspiring the #REVfam in every single class. However, I would say my favorite classes are those when you bring the fire and we all finish stronger than we began. YOU, make me better in EVERY class.


My favorite class is when I teach on any holiday because I feel responsible for starting your holiday off with energy and finishing it off with SWEAT and CHEER.

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