Rule #1, have fun! Please review our studio etiquette before your first class.

Rev Etiquette

To protect the rev class experience follow these simple requests:

The Digital Age

When the lights go down, go ahead and take a digital detox. That means holster your cell phone until the lights go up! As soon as a class is over you may return to the digital world, just don’t forget to tag us in your post-class selfie.

Yeah You, the Chatty One

Talking during class is kind of distracting both for your neighbors and your instructor. Let’s just leave it to that.

Our Crew Rides Together

Rhythm is the name of the game, and during class we move as one team. If you are going to be riding to your own rhythm, please, take a bike towards the back.

Self Care

The bikes are close to one another to intensify the energy. Your neighbor wants to feed off your good vibes, not your BO. Please do everyone a favor and practice good personal hygiene.

Above All Else, Be Kind

We’re all here for a good ass-kicking and above all else we’re here to lift one another up. Please be respectful of the riders next to you, and treat the front desk the way you’d like to be treated.