5 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling with Jess
Posted on July 8, 2018 in REV Wellness


For many people, the Summer is prime time to travel. Some trips may be bigger and farther away from home, while others may simply be a road trip to the beach. Either way, it can be difficult to keep up with your normal fitness and nutrition routine.

REV instructor Jess Culotta, our resident travel enthusiast has, is here to share how she manages to stay fit and healthy while staying in hotels, waiting in airports, and experiencing exotic places where the culture may not hold fitness as top priority - A.K.A there may be no gym in sight for miles. Check it out!

1. Get creative

It’s tough to uphold a fitness routine while traveling, especially if there are no gyms nearby and the location is secluded. In this case, Jess gets creative. “If you don't feel comfortable going out for a run in a new place on your own, body weight exercises are perfect to do in your room.” Jess incorporates body weight movements like squats, pushups and ab work for a full body workout before she starts her day. Moreover, Jess will make use of her surroundings. For example, if your place has a pool, why not do some tricep dips on the side follow by a swim? If your hotel room happens to be on the 10th floor, take the stairs. “A few times up and down the stairs to your room and you won't feel so bad about all those extra cocktails at night. Plus your booty will look better in your bathing suit.”

2. Bring your own Equipment

Jess also suggests trying to bring your own equipment that is light and portable. Jump rope and resistance bands are perfect examples. Jess always packs resistance bands because “they take up next to no space and can add a lot to a hotel room workout.” If you’re not sure what exactly to do with them, Jess recommends looking at videos on YouTube for some inspiration. Use your resources and give it a go!

3. All about Balance

Traveling gives you a chance to try so many incredible foods, but you are oftentimes forced out of your routine. It is crucial to find balance in what your eating - no one wants to stress about food on vacation! Jess encourages a healthy breakfast. If she is staying in a hotel, she’ll make sure there is a complimentary breakfast where she can start her day with eggs and fruit. If she can, Jess prefers to stay in an Airbnb with her own kitchen where she can prepare breakfast herself. “It's key to start the day right especially if you have a day full of walking and exploring ahead of you. Being able to prepare some of your meals versus eating out makes a huge difference.”

4. Pack Healthy Snacks

To go along with a healthy breakfast, Jess emphasizes packing healthy snacks as well in order to maintain balance. For example, she always has protein bars with her when traveling. “This way when I get hungry while I'm out exploring I have a healthier snack on hand instead of ordering something.” Another tip from Jess: she packs empty ziplock bags so that whether she is staying in a hotel that offers free breakfast or stopping by a local store with fruit, she can pack some for later in the day. “When you're traveling somewhere new you want to be able to let loose on your diet and taste the local flavors. I try to balance this by eating healthier snacks throughout the day so I can splurge on my dinners.”

5. Take measures to protect other aspects of your health

As amazing as it is, traveling exposes you to a lot of human interaction. Whether you are in the airport, on an airplane, or sitting in a bus or train, there have been millions of other people in that same exact place before you. To ensure your immune system stays strong, it is important to keep up with vitamins and supplements. Jess packs Emergen-C packets that dissolve in water. “They take up next to no space and help with immune support and energy. Moreover, taking care of your skin when traveling to hot, tropical places must be a priority. As the song goes, everybody’s free to wear sunscreen… always wear sunscreen. Jess uses eco-friendly, biodegradable sunscreen. “This way I can still protect my skin from harmful sun rays but I can protect the water eco system and not leave chemicals behind.”

If you are curious about Jess’s traveling experience, this badass REV instructor is hosting her own retreat this fall in Tulum, Mexico. Through the company she started called Adventure Abroad, Jess hand crafted this upcoming retreat to make wellness a top priority while balancing adventure and relaxation. You have the chance to join her this fall and see a lesser known side of Tulum through activities that include snorkeling, SUP Yoga classes, exploring the Mayan Ruins, enjoying three healthy and delicious meals a day at a beach front resort and more! Check it out here.

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