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How to Make and Keep Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions
Posted on December 25, 2017 in REV Wellness

New Year’s Resolutions:

Understanding how The Process will speak louder than that small inner voice

If you had trouble following through with your fitness resolutions in 2017, chances are you are probably going to fuck it up again in 2018.  According to research, only one in four people stay consistent with their New Year resolutions throughout the year.

Hola, REVfam - Esther here. I am often known as the cursing-triathlete-spin instructor.  I am passionate about living life to the fullest and I motivate my tribe from a place of love to push them past their limits and help them take bold risks in their own lives.

I was not always brave with my own life.  My own fears held me back from opening REV for many years.  That inner chicken voice was set on repeat telling me “I am not enough.” We all have that inner voice that creates excuses. It not only sabotages our fitness and health goals, but it disrupts so many other aspects of our life from our careers to our personal relationships.

I am here to help you push past your own bullshit.

According to research, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. So what’s the catch?

When it all comes down to it, you are your own obstacle. There may be some areas of your life where you feel solid with what you set out to accomplish, while there are other areas where you just cannot get your shit together. For example, I am organized and determined when it comes to my fitness goals, but I have a harder time accomplishing the goals that relate to my personal and career life.

I have recently discovered that when it comes to the areas of my life in which I struggle, it all comes down to that tiny, bullshit inner voice of mine. The first step is to acknowledge it - the next step is to face it. Facing my own inner voice this year has allowed me to start living from a place of courage over comfort. It allowed me to choose love over fear.

Too often, that inner voice is a source of insecurity from which we judge, compare, and even make irrational decisions. “I don’t know if I can keep up in class…I don’t like that…I’m tired… I didn’t sleep long enough last night…” We have to understand how this inner voice acts as a barrier that we put in front of ourselves keeping us from reaching our own goals.

You want a fit and healthy body?  You want to lose those extra pounds? The solution is here, and it is all about the process. Make no excuses, and choose courage over comfort. Tell that inner voice to shut the fuck up!

Now, let me help you do some epic shit!

4 Steps in Creating the Process:

Write Down Your Dream From Your Heart

Let’s focus on why you want to get fit. First, create a dream fitness resolution for your body and health that you are passionate about.

Here’s an example dream fitness resolution:  “My body is muscular, lean and strong.  When I see my figure in a mirror I am proud and in love with my badass self.”

Note how this dream is written in present tense - like it already happened - and uses positive language.  Ask yourself how you want to feel and look, then write it down.  It’s your dream so just let it out!

Write Down Steps to take Action

We have our dream, we have our goal. Now we focus on how to achieve this dream for the next 12 months.

Example: “I workout 3 times during the week and 2 times during the weekends for a total of 6 hours. I prepare healthy meals at home and go out to eat 2x per week. I see a nutritionist that helps keep me accountable and learn how to fuel my body for my goals”.

Share Your Dreams & Plans to Take Action

Share your goals with friends and family.  Ask them to support you in your journey.  Write your dream on a sticky note and put it where you can see it everyday.  When writing your dream remember: less is more. Everyday you choose things that move you towards your goals. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Stick to it, No Matter What

Failure is a part of the process. Dare to dream and do not be afraid to fail. Realize that not everything is black and white, and there is always something to be grateful for. Find what makes you happy and be proud that each day you are getting closer to your goals even if you are not exactly “there.” Have patience and appreciation for the process.

5 Things to Remember during the Process:

1) Be honest and realistic with your fitness goals. If you are just getting started on your fitness journey, start with 20 minutes and build slowly. The most important thing is to find joy in the sweat!

2) Plan ahead to avoid making excuses. Prepare your gym bag the night before for either your AM or PM workout.

3) Post your fitness schedule on the fridge or mirror. Be consistent with the routine and create a ritual.  Add your fitness schedule to your calendar to carve out time.

4) Tell a friend to join you. This will keep you both accountable and make it more fun!

5) Fitness is a wellness journey for your mind, body, and soul - it is less about losing weight. If your focus is losing weight, chances are you are going to give up on your fitness goals quickly. Make small behavior changes with your overall health in order to stick with your new year resolutions.

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