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REV's Newest Rockstars Answer Our Burning Questions
Posted on December 9, 2018 in Uncategorized


It’s no secret that  our instructors are the fire fueling your ride and you may have noticed two new faces on the podium the past few weeks. Let’s take a minute or two to meet our new additions, Lamar and Josh. Get to know and love these guys by reading the following Q&A, checking out their classes, and connecting with them on social media!

When did you fall in love with fitness?

Each instructor fell into the fitness industry a little differently. For Lamar, fitness goes way back to when he was just a tot, playing basketball in his dad’s work league starting at age 2! “My dad always played in a bball work league and he would bring me to his games—during halftime and after the games, I would shoot with him.” While Josh was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to fitness; “I was always a nerdy artist type and uncoordinated.” But once Josh started running with Back On My Feet, something sparked his passion for fitness.

How did you end up at REV Cycle?/Why did you want to become a REV Cycle instructor?

Lamar: After two knee injuries, I had to cut back on the high-impact sports to take care of my body, that’s when I found my love of spin, and REV in 2014.

Josh: As he pursued becoming an instructor, he was drawn by the TRIBE atmosphere at REV. “I can't believe how amazing this tribe is. REV classes are inspirational, spiritual, and life-affirming. We’re allowed to be ourselves and be bold in how we teach. The tribe of clients and instructors are fire.”

Though each found their love for fitness – and specifically spin – on their own journey, they all began working at REV for similar reasons: the energetic community, its tenacious inspiration, and a true sense of home. Like a forest fire, the heat of community emanating from the studio walls attracted these badass instructors.

What was your first REV experience?

Both Josh and Lamar have been with REV since the beginning! Back in 2014 at McHenry Row, both began their journey with the tribe. Lamar vividly remembers his first class with Jami and the positive vibes that lasted long after class was over.

Describe your class vibe/style in one sentence.

Josh: Fun and freeing. An environment where we can sweat, check in with our inner strength, and push ourselves towards greatness

Lamar: To the tempo and upbeat, primarily hip hop.

What’s the #1 most played song in your iPod/smartphone?

Josh: "Dark Fantasy" by Kanye West

Lamar: “Uproar” by Lil Wayne. And an old standby: “Regulate” by Warren G.

What gets your amped up before class?

Josh: Knowing people are driving, paying, and seeking an awesome workout.

Lamar: My playlist, I listen to it a bunch. I also do 50-100 pushups right before class. When class starts late, you know why now!

What’s one word to describe your personality?

Josh: Ambitious

Lamar: Outgoing

What are you passionate about?

Josh: Progressing

Lamar: My primary passion is being a fitness instructor. I’m HERE for it! And, of course, my family.

What do you do in your free time?

Josh: I’m a real entrepreneur so...working! When I’m not working, I’m reading Norwegian fiction, watching NBA, eating strong cheese, making playlists (you gotta love music to teach!), and TEDTalks.

Lamar: Make playlists. But, I also love to hang out with friends and go out to eat.

Tell us a secret!

Josh: I’m in the early stages of writing a book SHHHHHH.

Lamar: I’m a black belt in Martial Arts. I started in elementary school because I was being beat up by a girl in Kindergarten. So, my parents enrolled me to help build up my confidence, protect myself, and learn discipline.

REV is so grateful for the new additions who joined the team for more than just a job, but to be part of something bigger – a family. Take a class and see for yourself the passion that drives them and what will ultimately inspire you to push yourself past your limits.

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