#REVtribe: Deb Salim
Posted on August 6, 2018 in REV Community

WE asked. YOU answered! The #REVtribe submitted stories on how REV inspired them to step out of their comfort zones. Turns out, the #REVtribe is what makes REV so freaking badass. Tune in each Monday as we share one of YOUR stories in hopes to inspire the entire tribe to dig a little deeper and most of all to give you the courage to live the life you love!

As we sweat, we become. We become: One Team. One Heart. One Tribe.

"My goal at 48 with 4 kids and being married for 25 years is just to be me again. I have spent so many years taking care of my family, keeping the peace, and just suffering silently that I truly had lost who I was as person. I was only trying to survive, but now I want to live and be the best version of me. I was always competing in something and pushing limits that scared me. I was a college athlete turned black belt instructor.  I became a Disney Kick USA karate tournament referee for the weapons and sparring division for Maryland while teaching karate in Memphis and later here in Columbia, Md.

Then, I tore my ACL during a black belt demo when I was 38. Cataract surgery followed 4 years later forcing me to cancel a triathlon. Everyone began to tell me that it was time to stop playing and competing.  I let life’s tragedies and fear transform me into a sedentary person. I took on the role of a very dedicated, but unhealthy overweight mother and wife. I developed high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and issues with my creatinine levels. I felt bad physically and emotionally.

One day, I was invited to come to REV by my nephew; I feared disappointing or admitting to him that I had given up. I will never forget walking into REV so afraid and yet feeling so welcomed. I was treated as if I was a rock star athlete, not like the broken down out of shape person I felt like on the inside. The first ride was the scariest and best experience all at the same time.  I didn’t feel like a ‘has-been’, I felt like I blended in and belonged, in my own way, all in between the sweat and the tears. We were all brought to that class for different reasons, yet when we ride... we ride as a team. There is a sense of belonging that makes you want to succeed in your own journey.  Whether in cycle or barre classes, there is positive feedback and encouragement that makes me feel like I’m not alone. The motivational and inspirational words during class, kindness from the front desk who always look happy to see you, and inclusive community have fueled me to keep me on my road to a stronger and healthier me."

- Deb Salim

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