5 Year Challenge Finishers!
Posted on January 27, 2019 in REV Community

Hey REVers!

This January, we celebrated 5 Year's of REV and it was a month that we won't soon forget. Thank you to everyone who took on our challenge and/or celebrated with us at our 5 Year Brunch Bash! We've always strived to make REV a community, a place where ALL can work toward their goals and let go of fear. We couldn't be more proud of each of you for taking on this challenge and making fitness a priority in your life. 2019 is off to a STRONG start and we are filled with gratitude for being a part of your journey. Cheers to the next 5 years! But first.....

Congrats to all of our finishers:

Alexa Chiapetta, Alyssa Aboff, Amanda Halem, Amy Finney, Amy Dolan, Angela Valenti, Ariel Winkley, Brianne Lansinger, Brynn Smith, Caitlin Cronin, Christa Bay, Claire Stecker, Colby Buss, Colleen Golden, Courtney Cox, Cristina Suit, Eammonn Golden, Emily Hawse, Emily Spiering, Emma Mellamphy, Erin Nagle, Gaby Capobianco, Hanly Heubeck, Jackie Bradstock, Jackie Ruocco, Jaci Schuerholz, Jen Marinaccio, Jenny Jeremiah, Jess Clark, Jessica Palmer, Kristen Leikus, Kasey Sonnefeld, Kate Perez, Kathleen Sack, Kelly Drummond, Ken Uno, Lauren Read, Lauren Beck, Lauren Falkenberg, Laura Sibel, Laurie Siebert, Lisa Serfass, Liz Parker, Martha Egan, Meaghan Norford, Meara  Ranadive, Megan Solinger, Meghan Grymes, Meghan Beard, Meghan McNichol-Tress, Melissa McCullough, Natalie Newman, Rachel Hebb, Rachel Baye, Reem Thamir, Rick Donaldson, Sharron McCulloch, Shayna Stearns, Sona Mehta, Stefanie Kjaeroe, Stephaney Barth, Taylor Vandell, Theresa Cegielski, and Veronica Pierce.

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