Celebrating 5 Years of REV: Q&A with Rick and Esther
Posted on January 20, 2019 in REV Community

REV is more than just a spin studio, it’s a tribe, a community and you could even say family. We sweat together, laugh together, hell even cry together, but everything we do is to push one another outside our comfort zone and reach new heights. What would we do without this REV community?

As we reached our 5 year milestone, we wanted to take a moment to share more about how we got here straight from the heart and the soul of REV Cycle, Rick & Esther. You may already know them, but read this Q&A to get to know Esther and Rick on a deeper level.

5 years

What inspired you both to start a spin studio?

E: I had always wanted to own my own spin studio. I started teaching group fitness in college, and kept up with teaching even when I moved to Baltimore.  My persistent passion for fitness enabled me to find the courage to quit my full time job in 2013 and embark on the mission that became REV Cycle. I now live my dream every day and hope my inspiration to follow my heart will inspire our community.

R: I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and from the time I was 13 running my own business selling Christmas wreaths in my neighborhood, I knew that one day I would own a business. I didn't know what it would be but my love for fitness brought me to spinning to train for my first ironman and the rest is history!

How did you both meet?

Esther and Rick met at Merritt Athletic Clubs. Esther taught spin 3 times a week as well as other group fitness classes. It was during one of Esther’s 2-hour charity rides when Rick met Esther. Naturally, Esther kicked ass in class, which hooked Rick; he never missed an early morning class of hers after!

What motivates you every day?

E:  MY WHY!  Sometimes all I want to do is snooze and tell the world fuck it... and then I remember why I do what I do and guess what, I fucking get up and fucking crush the day by pushing myself to be the best version of myself in order to conquer my why.  My WHY is to inspire my community.  I am a crusader of connection.

R: The REV Staff – I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced a team quite like what we have at REV - every single member is so bought into the mission!  The passion and commitment that they bring every day to the studios and our REV Tribe is so unique that I constantly ask myself how I got so lucky!

What is your proudest moment at REV?

E: DAY 1!!!  January 1, 2014!!  Opening the doors to the public was one of the best days of my life... my second moment was hosting my first ever instructor training.  I am very proud that each instructor at REV has been trained in-house!

R:  Receiving this message from my dad “Rick, we never get tired of telling you how proud we are of the person you have become”.  My family and friends are everything to me and it’s this validation that reminds me that through all of the highs and the lows, I’ve stayed true to who I am.

For fun: If you were stuck on an island what 3 things would your bring?

E: My running sneakers, my hammock & book and obviously my sunglasses.

R: My dog, my bed and a whole lot of Corona’s!

What's your favorite quote?

E: I really love the movie Rocky so my ultimate fav quote is from that movie

“It ain't about how hard you hit.  It's about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

R: It’s a long one but here it goes…

“Life is worthwhile if you Try

Life is worthwhile if you Give

Life is worthwhile if you Plan

Design your own Life or someone else will

Let others lead small lives but not You

Let others argue over small things but not You

You are the one who decides what your life will be…”

What's the hardest thing about being a business owner?

E: Balancing family life.

R: Everything about small business ownership is hard but I think for me its been learning how to manage through the peaks and the valleys. The highs are really high, and the lows are really low!

What's one thing you want everyone to know about REV?

E:REV is a studio that is more than just a badass sweat session. It’s a place where people come together for connection and to support each other in their journey of life.

R: Did you know that REV is short for REVolution Cycle?  After weeks of coming up with several different names like “Rick’s house of spin”, just kidding, but I thought it had a nice ring to it…we finally settled on REVolution Cycle, but then Esther’s genius husband said “why don’t you just shorten it to REV Cycle?”

REV is so grateful for the these two who joined forces for more than just a job or passion, but to start something bigger – a family, a tribe, a community. Esther and Rick, we thank YOU for making REV our home away from home.

Join REV in celebrating 5 Years Strong at our Brunch Bash this Saturday, 9-1PM. Sign up now for one of 3 classes here.

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