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Celebrating Dad: Jeff Newstead
Posted on June 17, 2018 in REV Community

father's day

He took you to your first baseball game. He helped you with your math homework. He cheered you on as you ran down the field from the sidelines. He taught you to ride your bike with no training wheels for the first time. He’s DAD!

Whatever it was, Father’s Day is a day for us to thank the dads of our community for being the steadfast figures in our lives who are oftentimes a behind the scenes hero. Especially at REV, we a number of our fathers work while taking care of their families, as well as find time to fit in classes. One of these fathers is Jeff Newstead.

Jeff, who works in sales for Campbell Snacks, was taking spin classes elsewhere when his friend and current REV spin instructor - Jess Culotta - introduced him to REV. Since coming to REV, Jeff and his wife, Stacy, started a family. Like other couples with newborns and young kids, they have figured out a routine that allows them both time for classes while taking care of the baby. “…We do a baby switch on Sundays. Stacy takes Esther, then I take Jess. We work together to make it work and find the time,” said Jeff.

With his own goals in mind, including a full marathon in the near future, Jeff attributes much of his enjoyment from REV to the instructors - each of whom have their own goals as well.  For example, Sean’s first ironman this spring was huge motivation for Jeff. “They make you believe you can do anything. They may seem invincible on the podium, but they have the same struggles and they share them with us.”

As a father and a husband with a full-time career and his own personal goals, Jeff prioritizes two foundational aspects of his life to keep it all intact: his relationship with his wife and his own physical and mental well-being. With a new addition to the family taking up much of the focus, Jeff puts even more emphasis on making time to be with Stacy. REV is a great way to do this while also contributing to both Jeff and Stacy’s physical health.

For the dads who are hesitant, who think they don’t have quite enough time, who feel as if their priorities should lie elsewhere - take it from Jeff: in the midst of work and family, it is crucial to make time for your own health and happiness. Find what motivates you, and follow it. “You will find that it’s totally worth it especially on the days that it’s the hardest to make the time. You can’t argue with the results,” Jeff said.

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