How REV Helped Cristina Find New Meaning
Posted on February 17, 2019 in REV Community


In January 2018 Cristina stopped into REV for a friend date with her best friend, Meghan. It was a way to socialize and work out, kill two birds with one stone you could say. They decided to take Esther’s REV101 and after, Cristina was instantly hooked. She frequented Esther’s classes-her motivation and inspiration really hit Cristina in a way an instructor never had before. Cristina said, “Maybe it was Esther’s teaching style or perhaps the passion that filled the studio, but her natural leadership drew me to become a member of the tribe and fall in love with REV.”

REV gave Cristina’s workout a whole new meaning. She attended classes regularly and eventually REV inspired her to transform her life from the outside in, growing physically stronger and healthier. In doing so, she lost over 50 pounds, and found a love of health and wellness.

Not only did Cristina grow stronger physically, she grew stronger emotionally and spiritually. Cristina notes, “REV renewed some of my faith in life, made me realize that we all face challenges, and we CAN overcome them.” REV gave Cristina the courage to take leaps of faith to make her life happier, to choose joy and gratitude. All the while, teaching her to reflect, learn, and move on from challenges. She learned to let go of the past, allowing her to open up in her relationships and make things better. Cristina credits the spiritual aspect of her journey to Barbara as she is always encouraging the REVtribe to find their larger purpose or what she calls “next level dreams”. Cristina says, “Barbara’s classes helped me find my clear WHY and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Before REV, Cristina was carrying a toxic past relationship. But, because of this community, she was able to elevate a realization inside her to figure out what fulfilled her and become the person she wanted to be. Going to class helped Cristina with several life breakthroughs. The challenges in class didn’t break her, but fueled a fire of courage to run toward fear and conquer it.

To all REV instructors, Cristina says “Thank you for always uplifting and supporting the community - using REV as a platform to inspire.” This support allowed Cristina to find self-love and acceptance. Cristina found that sometimes it takes an unexpected tribe to help you realize how important you are and how the impossible is always possible.

In November 2018, Cristina ran her first 5k even though she had never been a runner! The theme of “Never settle” in classes at REV were radiated through her life, inspired her to crush any doubts and tackle the 5K. “REV helped train me physically and mentally to accomplish my new fitness goals,” Cristina said. And, guess what? Because Cristina will never settle, she’s signing up for the Baltimore 10 miler! Her goal?  To finish strong, enjoy the race and what her body is capable of. Who’s with her, REVtribe?!

Most importantly, Cristina says, “I’ve gone from someone who needed the motivation, to being the motivator for others. In the 5K, everyone I ran with had not run before and needed the encouragement.” Now, she hopes to continue to inspire others along the rest of her life journey.

Cristina’s advice for you, future and current REVers, “Never settle, just start. If you have a goal, the hardest part is starting, so get moving. There’s nothing to be afraid of, there’s no perfect opportunity. Know you are capable of anything and everything. You can only go up from where you are now.”

Cristina, you are truly an inspiration for all. Never settle! Continue crushing your goals and dreams because you are capable of ANYthing.

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