How to Stay Motivated with Hannah
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By now, some people have already given up on their 2019 Goals. But not you! You are going to achieve your goals this year. The trick is, goals have to be measurable, they have to have action steps. Most importantly, give yourself grace when things get hard and remember your WHY to keep you motivated.

This week, we get personal with cycle instructor, Hannah.  Explore how she stays inspired to go after her goals and dreams, whether it's in her professional life (owning her own photography business) or athletic pursuits (triathlons even while facing injuries).

First, Hannah’s WHY!

To love others well and find joy in every season. This keeps her pushing forward in each and everything that she does.

What inspires you to keep up with your fitness goals, career goals, dreams?

I love seeing the "finished product." Whether that's finishing a race, delivering a wedding album or making my bed. Big or small, I love finishing things. So that's how I stay motivated. If you need some motivation to keep going, start small. Check some things off your to-do list. It's like a snowball effect. All you have to do is START.

When you catch yourself in a slump, how do you keep yourself motivated or excited?

There is a saying that I heard once and it really hit home for me - “If you get tired, learn to REST not QUIT”. The burnout is so freaking real, but it also doesn't last forever. That "fire" that you had in you, is still there, just give it some air to breath and it will grow like wildfire.

Do you have a fitness plan currently that you aim to keep up with?

My fitness plan looks SO different than it did in 2018... I have bursitis in my hip and annoying lower back pain, so I am in full time physical therapy. I have not been able to run since October (insert crying emoji) and have also pulled back from spinning quite a bit (MORE CRYING).

When I was freaking out about having to shift my goals for 2019, a friend of mine told me, "You always come back stronger". This gave me motivation in this season of PT, which is 100% necessary and will only make me stronger!

However, when I do train for bigger races, my training mentality is probably a lot more relaxed than others.  I run my own business, so every week looks so different. I aim to hit the long distances each week but not on a certain day, and then use the other days to do brick workouts, strength training, or rest.

Who's your support in keeping you motivated and pushing you to the next level?

Honestly, the REV fam is where I find so much support, motivation, and encouragement. From being inspired by every rider that shows up to class, to working with my fellow REV instructor, Gabby in the gym to rehab my body. I know I can do whatever I set my mind to... My gratitude for every person at REV is endless.

What advice can you give your REV clients in keeping their heads up and continuing to reach for their dreams?

There are so many REV clients who are struggling through injuries, feeling burn out, or just in a tough season of life. Here is what I have to say -

#1 You belong here. Any successful person has a freaking army behind them. REV can 100% be that for you. Lean into the community that you have here. They will push you farther than you ever thought possible.

#2 Listen to your body


Your thoughts CONTROL who you are. You gotta be your biggest cheerleader. Get your mind right and everything else will fall into place! Remember, YOU ARE A BADASS

How do you set an example for others who need to find inspiration/motivation or be picked up out of their slump?

Wow this is a tough question. I really don't feel like I "set an example" in this way. The last few months have actually been pretty hard. I feel like others have set an example for me in a lot of ways --

Listen. I am so thankful to have friends who will listen and empathize with me. And then give me sound advice.

Read. I've been reading a lot of books recently that have helped give me perspective (Girl Wash Your Face, You Are A Badass, The Traveler's Gift)

Have fun. Gosh, friends are the best. Sometimes you just need to go get some drinks and have some dang fun!

Get inspired by Hannah by catching her on the podium Monday's, 6:30PM at Brewers Hill. Click here to sign up.

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