Dreams Don't Expire, They Expand!
Posted on April 17, 2019 in REV Community

A letter from Esther to the #REVtribe:

I feel beyond proud of what we have created for the past 5 years in Baltimore. I will always be the founder of REV Cycle Studio. I am the girl that had the dream, to open Baltimore’s first cycle studio. This was my dream for so many years, and I fucking did it!  I created a legacy in our City and it is now time to expand, to grow, and step once again into the unknown.

For me, the next phase is once again going into a bit of the unknown, to pursue an expanded dream. To do that, I need to step away from REV, and I want you to celebrate my last day with me on Easter Sunday. I’m sad and excited. I’m scared, though I know it’s right because I’m following my heart.

I have been here before.  Change is hard, and this decision to sell my 50% share of REV, my baby, my dream, to my business partner has been an incredibly difficult one to make. I have suffered for many months going back to 2018 to make this decision. I can’t even tell you the number of pro and con lists that I have written and the frequent truth purge pages that I wrote in my journal. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, but it has forced me to stand up for the truth of all things that I want to pursue in the future.

For the past 5 years, Rick and I have poured our heart and soul into REV. Our business partnership truly was a complement for each other’s strengths and weakness as the by-­‐product of REV speaks for itself with two successful studios in the Baltimore. REV wouldn’t be REV without both of our commitments, passions, and entrepreneurship. Now, there is room for new growth for the both of us. New opportunity. New possibility. I will be cheering for you from the sidelines, as I am excited to see Rick follow his dream to take REV to the next level.

And, just like Rick and REV, I will be doing the same with my  life. Expanding. Growing. Rejoicing. Think awesome fitness adventure retreats in amazing locations (I’ve already got two  in the works for 2019, which you will hear more about soon!). Guest teaching spin classes, one coming up in May. Goal coaching workshops at new locations. More blogs and inspirations. And, maybe even a book!

We are all constantly unleashing who we are into this world. We were born for greatness. My purpose, my passion, and my why have never changed. On the contrary, they are stronger than ever before as I take next step following my truth. Even now as I hand my dream, my baby, to my business partner, this is part of my journey. This is part of my growth  and stepping into a new light. I stand for dreams. I fight for freedom.

Dreams don’t expire. THEY EXPAND!!!

--Esther Collinetti

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