FX Physical Therapy Guest Blog: 3 Exercises to Keep You in Top Spin Shape
Posted on December 2, 2018 in REV Wellness

On 11/17 and 11/18, the team from FX Physical Therapy stopped in at REV to share some of their tips to stay injury free. In case you missed it, check out their top 3 exercises for targeting all those areas that we sometimes neglect.

By: Lindsay Kirlin, PT, DPT and Faith Reilly PT, DPT

We all know spin is great cardio, low impact, and a full body workout. However, we also know you’re busy and sometimes we don’t always stretch or take time to work those supporting muscles that will keep you riding strong for years to come. As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are here to share our top exercises that will target your back muscles and hamstrings. Do these a few times a week and you will be in tip-top spin shape. Remember, spinning should never hurt (well, at least not in a bad way) so if you have a concern, feel free to call us for a movement physical: FX Physical Therapy at 10 Light Street at 410.646.8272 opt.3.

Strengthen Your Back

As Americans we spend more time sitting than standing/moving! So don’t let gravity weigh you down, on or off the bike! Try the exercise below with a chin tuck to help strengthen your sitting posture.

Exercise: stand against wall, tuck chin so head is against wall, pinch shoulder blades together, pull band apart with arms in a W position 10x

Mobilize Your Mid-back

Like with any sport, it’s also important to train OUT of a position/exercise you consistently find yourself in. Riding in a powerful position is important, but so is reversing that motion for a couple minutes a day!

Exercise: support head/neck with hands, roll from bottom of shoulder blades to top of shoulder blades with foam roller 10x

STRENGTHEN Your Hamstrings

Did you know? Your hamstrings work the HARDEST as your knee is straightening throughout the spin cycle, not pulling your heel towards your butt! If you find yourself with tight hamstrings, odds are that they are LENGTHENED and weak. The reason for this is as spinners, usually our pelvis ends up tilted anteriorly from sitting, increased quadriceps work, etc. Try this isometric exercise (takes less than 60 seconds!) before and after spin class to improve that hamstring “tightness!”

Exercise : curl the ball in, bridge up, and slowly extend your legs out straight 10x

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