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Posted on November 25, 2018 in REV Community

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When the holiday season first rolls ‘round, so too does the requisite holiday anxiety. You’re asking yourself, “What on Earth do I get everyone?” We don’t want to grab something our friends and family already have, and sometimes that seems like such a tall order. Lucky for you, your REV instructors recommended a few of their favorite items that we think will fit the bill for those fitness junkies in your life. Or you know, treat yourself ‘cause you earned it!

Gym Chic From Head to Toe

Athleisure is taking over and these days, it’s totally appropriate to sport your favorite gym apparel anytime, anywhere. So why not give the gift of chic athletic wear?

Cool Kicks:

When your spin bestie isn’t on the bike, trend-setting and performing kicks are crucial! UA HOVR’s are a REV instructor favorite! But, when it comes to hanging out, Lamar says, “You’ve gotta get those Nikes; just do it.”


Leggings all day, everyday! Don’t talk to us if you don’t consider these “real” pants.  Ashlee loves lululemon’s Align pants; they feel buttery smooth, perfect for spin, then pair well with a cute sweater at the bar!

And to the men in search of a good workout attire for class, you’ve got to get that sweat wicking shirt from Under Armour. If you break a mean sweat, you’ll thank Lamar for this rec.


Music gets us through our workouts. Whether it’s that track that pushes you up the hill or the one that gets you sprinting that last mile, there’s no denying we all thrive on sick beats.

Wireless Headphones:

For people looking to stay motivated with music (or perhaps an intriguing podcast), wireless headphones are the perfect gift for advanced and beginner athletes, says Lamar. His favorite, Beats, they’re wireless, compact and fit nicely in that gym bag!

Smart Watch:

For that badass who wants to keep track of their progress as they run, hike, bike, spin or swim, a GPS watch is key. Depending on the brand, the watch will monitor a variety of statistics. FitBit is a hit with REV instructors! Chelsea loves her FitBit Ionic, “perfect for tracking runs and spinning; shit’s the bomb.” Darryl has the FitBit Blaze, along with run and spin tracking, it helps her remember to get up and move around during the day, as well as tracks her sleep—snag one off the shelves and wrap it up!

Good Reads

Come on, sometimes it’s good for the spin addict to sit back and relax with a good book, a cookbook to be exact. We are all for indulging a bit over the Holidays, but you can also cook delicious and nutritious foods that everyone will go crazy for at all those parties you have to attend.


Read up on Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow. It’s Julianna’s all-time favorite! It’s perfect for the REV community, ”the concept is quick-fix recipes for hangry athletes. It’s a good cookbook for the person who wants to eat real food/good food, but nothing crazy or difficult.” You can catch some of the recipe’s she tries out on her Instagram stories or join her at the barre to ask her in person!


There is no such thing as perfect; our imperfections are what make us our own version of perfect. REV Barre instructor Charlotte recommends you pick up this quick, inspirational, and life-changing read: The Gifts of Imperfection, for either a gift to yourself or a friend. This book will help you learn a lot about yourself and become who you are by moving forward in life with an open heart, open mind, willingness to be vulnerable and put yourself out there.


Spotify Membership:

Music is a gift lots of people can appreciate. Did you and your pal absolutely LOVE the tunes in your last spin or barre class? Give the gift of a Spotify membership! This way, your #fitfam can keep up with their favorite instructor’s music.

Gift of the #REVfam

REV Gift Card:

What better way to get more quality time with your #revtribe than by gifting a REV gift card! It’s a gift that keeps on givin’- REV classes, REV merchandise AND more REV Community. To us, it’s priceless.



Last but not least, gift yourself, your friends, and family the gift of YOUR TIME! The best part, this one doesn’t cost a thing. It’s easy to say you’re busy, but giving someone the gift of your time is precious, definitely on their list, and won’t soon be forgotten.

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