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Posted on April 19, 2024 in REV Community, REV Wellness

We have always been big fans of getting our nutrients from fruits and veggies, but over the past 4.5 months, we have been even moreso. We reached out to Gerrard Sheppard, owner of Sunset Raw Juice Bar in Owings Mills, to get his take on how he stays healthy, mentally and physically, during this time. Besides the obvious (eating a ton of whole foods, fruits and veggies), Gerrard had some pretty great advice. Once our doors open to full capacity, we will be hosting a pop up with Sunset Raw Juice! For now, read the below to learn more about Gerrard, some of his favorites on the Sunset Raw Juice menu, and to get more tips on how to stay well no matter what season!

Gerrard Sheppard

Tell us about yourself and why you decided to open Sunset Raw Juice.

My name is Gerrard Sheppard, and I’m the owner of Sunset Raw Juice Bar. I am a local guy through and through, born and raised in Owings Mills, Maryland. I went to McDonogh High School, then proceeded to head up north to UConn where I played football. After my junior year, the coach that I fell in love with ended up leaving, and I followed him to Towson University! (Go TU!) After two years of hard work at Towson University, the Baltimore Ravens signed me to a contract. A dream come true to play for my hometown team. (Through and through, right!?)

I was actually inspired to open the Sunset Raw Juice Bar during a difficult time. In 2006 my aunt was diagnosed with a rare disease, that she later passed away from. Before her passing, I remember seeing how distraught she would be taking ten plus pills a day. Cleaning out her house, my family and I found a book on juicing with notes, and a HUGE industrial juicer. At that moment, the light bulb came on brighter than ever. I deeply believe that she planned on going the holistic way of healing herself. She was in the process of educating herself on the benefits of fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts, etc.

Being born and raised in Owings Mills, I took it upon myself as my obligation to not only bring healthier food options to the community but to also educate and inform our guests on the benefits of natural items. As a family, we made our minds up, and there was no turning back, the Sunset Raw Juice Bar was born.


What is your current favorite menu item and why?

My personal favorite is the Honey Citrus Spice Smoothie. In this smoothie, you can taste every single ingredient. The apple, with a subtle hint of nutmeg, all while soaking up the benefits of hemp seeds in the smoothie, as well. All of our smoothies come with at least one superfood, to give you the nutritional boost you deserve.


Is there one food or menu item that you consume on a regular basis to help with immunity?

The Flu Kick shot. I take it year-round, not just during the typical flu or cold season. The ginger and OJ alone are loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have many benefits to the body and brain. I take these year-round, not just used to fight off unwanted viruses, but also to boost and build my immune system every opportunity I get. (Stay ahead, so you won't have to catch up.)


What else can we do to support our health and immunity during this time?

There are a few items I believe will help keep us healthy and build the immune system.

Increase exercise (spin! (duh), walk, jog, run, dance your heart out, take the dog for another lap, swim, tennis etc.)

Make wise food choices by exploring whole unprocessed food, fresh fruit, eight to ten glasses of purified water per day, fresh vegetables, legumes, etc.

Reduce environmental toxins (explore clean lotions, moisturizers, cleaning products for the house, etc.)

Set an alarm five random times throughout the day, as a reminder to stop and breathe!

Be open (Release. hold nothing in, talk about stress, talk about uncertainty, talk about fears, talk about the tough times with someone you trust. It's important not to let negative emotions fester, they build and grow over time which can bring about a cascading response from the endocrine system.)

Be understanding and know that you are giving your best in everything you do. If no one else pats you on the back, be sure to set an alarm to stop and love yourself throughout the day. Every week change the title of the alarm. Something that makes you laugh, but also amps you up to the point where you feel unstoppable and hungry to conquer the day.

Sunset Raw Juice Bar Smoothie Bowl

Fire Round:

Juice or Smoothie? Smoothie

Favorite Fruit: Mango

Favorite Vegetable: Beetroot

Superfood of choice: Avocado

Favorite Past time: Giving my life to Christ

Not sure about you, but we'll be making the trip to Sunset Raw Juice Bar pretty soon to try out this bomb menu! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for some more drool-worthy healthy inspo!

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