Maddison's BodyWeight Summer Workout
Posted on June 9, 2019 in REV Wellness

No gym? No weights? No problem!

You’ve worked hard to stay in shape, spinning and toning at REV, getting outside, but your looming backpacking trip, vacation or business trip threaten to mess up everryyyything. Cue freak out.

You worry you’ll your hard-earned progress. You’re horrified.

You feel like you’ve got 99 problems right now, but REV and instructor Maddison are here to tell you not having a gym ain’t one. The World is Your Gym…BRAH!

Maddison kicks your a** on the bike and now she’s here to put those worries to rest with a body weight workout sure to make you drip sweat. Are you ready?

Complete 3 rounds through for a quick and efficient total body, no-equipment-necessary workout. If you want to increase the intensity of this sequence without the use of equipment, attempt to complete the three rounds for time. Make sure before you attempt this that your form and technique are on point!

Warm up

- 1 minute jumping jacks

- 30 seconds high knees

- 30 second plank hold

- 5 reps each side: bird dogs

- 10 reps cat/cow

- 1 minute jumping jacks

- 30 seconds high knees

- 30 second plank hold

Complete 3 rounds through:

10 reps: Push ups with shoulder taps (after a push up, bring your right hand to touch your left shoulder and vice versa, then go back into the next rep)

Muscle focus: pectoral muscles, shoulders

Why it’s important: push ups build upper body strength, and if done correctly can strengthen the lower back and core muscles.

5 reps each: 5 Squats, 5 squat jumps (add a jump to come out of the squat), 5 suicide squats (squat once and then add a lunge jump after the squat)

Muscle focus: glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps

Why it’s important: squats support good posture, build lower body strength, improve flexibility, and enhance core strength.

10 reps each leg: Lunges (to increase intensity add a four count pulse at the bottom of each lunge)

Muscle focus: glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps

Why it’s important: lunges improve balance, core strength, and other stabilizing muscles.

20 reps each side: Russian twists

Muscle focus: rectus abdominis and obliques

Why it’s important: A twisting movement is crucial for the lumbar spine to reduce stress on the joints and improve blood flow throughout your body.

10 reps: Burpees

Muscle focus: full body

Why it’s important: Every workout needs a “finisher” and who doesn’t like a little challenge? 🙂

Like we said- No gym? No weights? No problem! Bookmark this page and the next time you're traveling this summer, try Maddison's workout for a total body burn!

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