Meet our new Cycle Instructors: Katie & Sahar
Posted on April 19, 2024 in REV Community

New year, new instructors! We are excited to announce that starting this Monday, January 6th, Katie and Sahar will officially be a part of our schedule! Sahar will be teaching at 6:00am at McHenry Row, and Katie will be teaching at 6:30pm at Brewers Hill.

Read on to learn more about the new additions to our #REVTribe and make sure to challenge yourself in one of their future classes!

Where are you from and where did you grow up?

Katie: Ellicott City, Maryland.  I currently live in Locust Point!

Sahar: I was born and raised in Rockville, MD.

Where and when did you first realize exercise would be a big part of your life?

Katie: Very early in life. My parents put me in gymnastics when I was 5 or 6 because I was so hyper and I fell in love with being active.

Sahar: Exercise has been a part of my life since I was a child. I was always a very active kid, playing any and all sports growing up. Now that I am older, If I’m happy- I work out. If I’m upset- I work out. Rain or shine- I work out, because I have never regretted moving my body, getting in a sweat, and showing appreciation for my physical health while I have it.

Since you both have previously had fitness careers, what is your favorite part of being a fitness instructor?

Katie: Inspiring others to work hard and make positive changes in their lives. Everyone is at a different level so whether it is your Chapter 1 or Chapter 100, it is awesome to see everyone work hard together.

Sahar: My favorite part of being an instructor is the personal growth. I have formed so many unique and special relationships with people through the platform of being a leader in my fitness community, and these relationships have allowed me to grow interpersonally in such a powerful way. I’ve learned things about myself that I don’t think I would have discovered had I not become an instructor. I am so thankful for the people I get to interact with each and every time I teach because they give more to me than they realize.

If you were not a fitness instructor, what would you be doing?

Katie: Attending all the fitness classes!

Sahar: If I wasn’t teaching classes (between teaching yoga and cycling) I would have the opportunity to TAKE more classes!

If you could choose one song that best describes you, what would it be?

Katie: Is there a song about being in bed by 9:30?  That would be the one.

Sahar: I Am Here- P!nk

What is one thing that someone would be surprised to know about you?

Katie: I sell elevators...well technically I sell repairs for elevators. People are always surprised to hear that.

Sahar: I can read and write Farsi.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Katie: Turn off my white noise app. I can't sleep without it!

Sahar: Brush my teeth…DUHH!! I’m a dentist!!

What part about joining our REV Tribe most excites you?

Katie: The atmosphere and energy. The Rev tribe has created something really special and I am so excited to be a part of that.

Sahar: Getting to know all the incredible instructors and riders that I have had the pleasure of riding alongside for the past 2.5 years. The energy in the Rev studios is powerful, inspiring and unique. I look forward to contributing to those vibes as well as getting closer to the people who make Rev what it is…amazing.

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