NEW! BARRESweat & BARREAbs + Arms
Posted on April 29, 2018 in REV Wellness

If you have been coming to REV for a long time, you know how we work - we offer a variety of workout classes that benefit your body in different ways. Our 45 minute spin classes give you that high intensity cardio that will leave you dripping with sweat. Our REVBlast class gives you a chance to quickly and effectively burn out your arms in the middle of the usual spin sesh. Yet what makes us unique from many other studios are our Barre classes, ranked among the best in Baltimore.

Barre is the perfect compliment to spin. It will tone every inch of your body through small, methodical movements that will burn from head to toe. In addition to our signature BARRE45 class, REV is now excited to announce an even wider variety of barre classes that will be added to the schedule: BARRESweat and BARREAbs+Arms.


It’s exactly what it sounds like - the perfect combination of toning and sweating. While maintaining the foundational structure of class, BARRESweat also incorporates cardio intervals in every track to keep your heart rate high throughout the 45 minute class. Many people who are privy to spin say no to barre for the decreased level of aerobic intensity. BARRESweat was put in place to meet and even exceed those needs.


BARREAbs+Arms is specific to toning and strengthening your upper body, something spin simply cannot do. This class completely emphasizes arm, back, chest and core muscles - no lower body. We tend to forget about our upper body at times because, let’s face it… our legs and glutes tend to be the stronger muscle group. In this case, we need a class to focus specifically on upper body for increased definition and tone. To get stronger and closer to our goals, we have to work our weaknesses as well as our strengths.

At REV, we thrive to uphold an environment that is both inclusive and encouraging; thus, we encourage you to try something new. Work your body in a different way than you ever have before. If your hesitation stems from the fact that barre may be a class you are not used to, we will tell you this: the energy in REVBarre classes is unmatched, and our instructors are experts who are skilled in modifications and explaining exactly what is happening. You are in good hands, fam. As Baltimore’s top fitness studio, take advantage of all REV has to offer.

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