#REVTribe: Matt Hicks
Posted on April 23, 2018 in REV Community

WE asked. YOU answered! The #REVtribe submitted stories on how REV inspired them to step out of their comfort zones. Turns out, the #REVtribe is what makes REV so freaking badass. Tune in each Monday as we share one of YOUR stories in hopes to inspire the entire tribe to dig a little deeper and most of all to give you the courage to live the life you love! 

As we sweat, we become. We become: One Team. One Heart. One Tribe. 

REV will become part of your heartbeat. It's a studio which will drive you to be the best you can be, both inside the gym and outside the gym. You will sweat. You will be pushed. You will feel your heart pounding. You will walk out of class wearing a smile.

I've been going to REV for about 4 months now. I have found it to be amazing cross-training for other sports I'm active in including hiking, running, competitive trail running, skiing, ice climbing, kayaking, etc. The improvement is not only strong short spurts of energy (to get over that incline), but also my day-long endurance. I’ve also found that my spirits are lifted on days I go to REV. You absorb the energy of the room, the people around you, and the coach. Everyone is sweating, everyone is smiling, everyone comes for their own reason and everyone leaves with a full heart and full of energy.

REV has become part of MY heartbeat. It's part of my life, something I look forward to and something that constantly challenges me. Thank you REV Cycle!

-Matt Hicks

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