Stoking the Fire: REV's Newest Barre Instructors
Posted on April 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Meet the three new faces of REV’s barre team: Charlotte, Julianna, and Kelsey. With varying backgrounds, interests, and teaching styles, each woman brings a fresh viewpoint to the program: Charlotte - the small-but-mighty fitness powerhouse, Julianna - the athletic team player, and Kelsey - the adventurous force of inspiration. The addition of these three women has stoked REV’s fire, and their heat is contagious.

How They Fell in Love with Fitness

Each instructor fell into the fitness industry a little differently. Kelsey, who has driven cross-country twice, found her love for fitness and its culture when she lived in California. She moved back to Baltimore with a new-found voice and the desire to share it with others. “I teach because I believe that 45 minutes in the studio can change every moment outside, and I want to share that experience with my students,” she said. Charlotte found her love for fitness while studying abroad when she needed her own escape. And, later when the stress of her post-grad job became unbearable, fitness remained her source of escape, eventually becoming her new career. “…I realized I wanted to contribute to others happiness by teaching,” Charlotte said. Julianna, a former collegiate track athlete, has always loved sports but her passion for fitness grew deeper after college when she tried her first barre class. Julianna explains, “I love the energy that you get from being part of something bigger, like a team, and I think that's what ultimately fueled my passion to want to teach since I was missing that (after college) in my own life.”

Why REV?

Though each found their love for fitness - and specifically barre – on their own journey, they all began working at REV for similar reasons: the energetic community, its tenacious inspiration, and a true sense of home. “The community at REV is exceedingly rare. There is a genuine desire to assist everyone who walks into the studio in achieving their goals and becoming the highest version of themselves,” said Kelsey. For Charlotte, Esther was always a main source of inspiration. Charlotte explains, “Sometimes you need someone to yell at you to push you as motivation and tell you you can do it, just get out of your head.” Before working at REV, Julianna taught for three years, becoming engulfed in a repetitive routine without the family she craved. “After speaking with Janet, I immediately knew that REV was where I wanted to be… you immediately feel like you are part of the REV family when you walk in the door and no one feels out of place or like they don't belong,” said Julianna. Like a forest fire, the heat of motivation emanating from the studio attracted these three instructors.

Charlotte, Julianna, and Kelsey have a reciprocal relationship with the REV tribe, they motivate the community that in turn inspires them. “I teach to give back to my community which is my source of motivation,” said Kelsey. Charlotte’s strives to make each day for her client “THE BEST DAY EVER.” Julianna simply turns the music all the way up, and - in the midst of each burning tuck and pulse - she helps her class just let go. Their mission, and one we feel they succeed at constantly, is to treat each class like it is the most important part of the client’s day because oftentimes, it is.

We are grateful for these three new additions who joined the team for more than just a job, but to be part of something bigger - a family. Take a class, and not only will you feel the heat in your seat, you’ll feel it radiating from each of these new instructors.

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