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Posted on April 19, 2024 in REV Community

We love our private rides! Not only is it a great team-bonding opportunity, but for the Towson Women's Lacrosse team, it's also perfect cross-training! This group has gotten together to sweat and bond in our studio more than once, so we decided to ask Shanna Brady, their assistant lacrosse coach, the why behind booking a private ride with us.

Tell us about yourself and your role for the Towson Women's Lacrosse team.

This is my first year as the Assistant Coach for the Women’s lacrosse team. I grew up on Long Island and played lacrosse at the University of Maryland. I still play professionally throughout the summer and spinning helps to keep me in shape. When I first graduated college, I started to get into spinning because I loved how hard it was and more importantly how positive of an impact it had on me, not just physically. I wanted a workout that would challenge me at a level that pushed me just as hard as a typical practice would. When I moved to Baltimore, my sister recommended that I take Barb’s class. Living on Long Island I was a frequent rider at SoulCycle, so she knew how much I loved spin and how much I would love going to REV.

Why do you choose REV for your team bonding activities?

Practicing every day on the field can become routine at times, so bringing the team to REV has been incredible. I love how the classes are always built on a team/family mentality. It is something that's always been important to me, being an athlete, and I felt the girls would not only love it, but would be challenged in a new and different way. In class, they are working hard and pushing themselves, while still being held to the same, team-first mentality that we hold them to on the field. I specifically chose Barb because she has the ability to move and inspire. The way she teaches is something I personally think cannot be taught, and she is the perfect role model to push them out of their comfort zones. Her message is always something powerful and positive, and sometimes just hearing those messages can go a long way.

What do you think your team gets out of these private rides?

Being able to come together as a group and work alongside one another helps to push and motivate them. Having our coaching staff ride with them helps to give a new perspective and create a sense of trust and togetherness that they don’t necessarily get in practice. We are able to be vulnerable with them and try something new by working together throughout the ride, where as in practice, we are the ones coaching them. It’s also a great chance for our team to have a fun bonding experience, to push themselves and to become better at something they are not used to doing. The team is a super outgoing, energetic group - just listening to good music while working out is fun for all of us. As a coaching staff we often speak about encouraging one another and working together when facing obstacles or challenges throughout a practice, game, season etc. In our last private ride, Barb spoke about when we encourage one another, it increases courage to those around us. We were able to take an important message away from that and use it on the field.

Have you seen any noticeable differences (mentally and/or physically) in your team since they have been sweating together at REV?

We definitely have noticed differences in our mentality and overall presence when we are together as a team. The girls love being able to work out together, do something super hard but also so much fun. It helps to keep things light and that has translated to our success as a team on the field. The best type of team chemistry happens when they enjoy what they are doing. Some of the girls have even gone to classes at REV individually and that has been really cool to see. I think for me personally, I have been super grateful since starting to ride at REV. Spin has always been my outlet and being new to the city, it helped create a place where I felt like I was home. I have been able to build new friendships and have been so positively influenced by Barb and all that she stands for. I know that every class I will be challenged physically and mentally and I will leave feeling better than before I started.

What keeps you and your team coming back?

I think what keeps us coming back is all of the amazing things I have just spoken about. It’s so special to have the opportunity to continually better yourself alongside your friends and teammates. Not to mention the kick ass workout!

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