Going to the Chapel with Jaime, Barbara, Maddison, and Chelsea
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Shhh… you hear that? It’s not those moving bike chains or Drake’s latest album blaring over the loud speaker… we’re talking WEDDING BELLS!

As we approach the fall, love is in the air at REV. With four of our very own instructors’ weddings in sight, the REV community obvi wants to know all about planning and events. Jaime Dardine, Barbara Beidler, Maddison Rowles, and Chelsea King are here to tell us all about planning, themes, fitness goals, and what they’re most excited and most nervous about come the big day. Take a look!


Jaime had to make the choice between a venue that had a lot of character, yet would not be able to fit everyone or somewhere that could fit everyone on their list. When it came down to it, she and her fiancé, Adam, want everyone in one room - “dancing, sipping on some cocktails and celebrating!” As for her theme: “Adam will tell you that it's the Redskins,” she said with a smile. “I just love me some gold with a hint of burgundy. GO EAGLES!”

On the big day, Jaime is most excited for what scares her the most - being the center of attention. “I'm not big on being the center of attention, so the idea of walking down the aisle in front of a group of people makes my stomach drop.” At the same time, however, she knows that the day when all the most important people in her life who have made the biggest impact are together in one room will be truly extraordinary. She cannot wait to see Adam’s face when she walks down the aisle surrounded by all of those special people.

In terms of her fitness goals before the wedding, Jaime’s main focus is simply to stay healthy. Every girl wants to look their best at their wedding, but Jaime says the most important thing is that you are in control of what you think about yourself. “It’s important for women to look like themselves and embrace what they've got… I'm happy, healthy and get to marry the love of my life. Cheers to that!” Sure, she admits that she’s felt the pressures of losing weight and looking a certain way before wedding day. But her focus always comes back to being happy. At the end of the day, Jaime has one piece of crucial advice: “Eat the damn donut.”


Barbara is getting married December 1st in Chicago - naturally, the theme is Winter Wonderland. Barbara’s wedding will be something magical as she plans to balance a sense of romantic elegance and glamour. Incorporating winter details to make the setting intimate for her guests, she wants everyone to feel like “they have been transported to a magical winter wonderland.”

Adding to this majestic essence of the big day will be the part Barbara is most looking forward to - walking down the aisle with her dad. “He holds a very special place in my heart and when I think about the day, getting to share these moments with him that we have talked about my whole life are very emotional and real and exciting for me.” But Barbara will be the first to tell you that planning a wedding is not easy, especially when it comes to guest lists. She had to battle her parents to compromise on a number between her ideal small wedding of 75 people and their ideal 600 person wedding. “The guest list and the amount of money and pressure and time spent planning for literally one day of my life… it's insane to me. It's just a party!”

And yet, we all know it will be worth it in the end. The REV fam cannot wait to see how beautiful Barbara’s wedding is going to be. As far as her fitness, Barb is just trying to maintain her routine - she is staying focused without putting too much pressure on herself. “I keep saying Matt/Marm will get whatever walks down the aisle and he will be happy with it… So yes, working out and being healthy remains a priority, but I’m still having pizza and nachos.”


Maddison and her fiancé, Mike, are getting married in Lancaster, PA on January 19th. In terms of venue, Maddison had a vision of combining a serene winter feel with a beautiful industrial aesthetic - an equation that led to the Cork Factory Hotel.

Picture this, REV fam: once an old cork and glass factory in 1865, the Cork Factory Hotel is made of red brick with high wood beam ceilings, wrought iron chandeliers, and hard wood floors… can you picture Maddison as a more beautiful princess in any other type of palace? “It was love at first sight,” Maddison said. “We love that we can share a little Lancaster history with our guests on the big day!” Their florist and our very own REV tribe member - Jenny Schuerholz - will add to the beauty by contrasting beautiful flowers and greenery displays with the overall industrial feel.

Maddison’s favorite parts of weddings in general are speeches, and she knows very well she will be uncontrollably sobbing at that point. “I also can’t wait to dance with my dad, kiss my husband, hug my mom and sister, and drink the night away in merriment with my closest friends.” So if you asked Maddison what she’s most looking forward to, she’d say… well… pretty much everything!


We all know and love her for her fun, laid-back vibe in and out of the spin room - and that’s exactly how she’s approaching her own wedding. “I am not a typical bride. I mean, I love a beautiful dress and a damn good party, but all of this other stuff is kind of for the birds.” And yet, when she describes her big day, it sounds like it’s going to be far more than just a damn good party. Chelsea and her fiancé, Ian, just bought a new house in March so there’s no better place to have their wedding than their own home.

As she walks down the aisle of her own font yard, wearing her wedding dress she describes as “vintage and timeless,” she will see Ian for the first time that day. “Ian and I are not doing a first look, so when I hit that aisle, that's the first time I will see him all morning and sweet God I am looking forward to that!” And, as her mom sings a solo that will leave not a single dry eye in the crowd, Chelsea is beyond excited to be able to create such amazing memories in their new home.

As far as her fitness, Chelsea’s perspective is gold. While she is focusing on sculpting her shoulders and arms for her open-backed dress, she is happy with exactly who she is right now. “People who lose a ton of weight for a wedding day look back at it and say, ‘who is that girl?’” Another piece of advice from Chelsea - eat clean! “Not for the purpose of losing weight but for the clear skin and clear mind! Wedding planning is stressful. Families are stressful… with a clean diet, you'll feel up to the task.” Lastly, Chelsea says to simply have fun. The one time in your life when everyone in your life is focused on you should be a fun time. “It's a great excuse to try new classes, new workouts, new clothes, all of it!”

Want to hear more from Chelsea? Check out some of her Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts!

Dos and DON’Ts of wedding planning 

  1. Do hire a coordinator.
  2. Don't listen to other people unless it is your fiancé. Everyone wants to make it about them, remember that it's not.
  3. Don't make any decisions without consulting your fiancé - sometimes he’s more interested in details of your day than you think.
  4. Do enjoy your engagement period. Don't rush into planning or setting a date, unless you want to. Being engaged is fun and once the wedding happens, that celebration fades away.
  5. Do incorporate personal and family touches. There is no law on how a wedding ceremony should happen, so you do you, boo!
  6. Don't go broke planning a wedding. It is one day. No matter what your access to resources might be, the only thing people really care about is the food, the booze, and how much fun they have. No one cares about flowers or table linens.
  7. Remove people from the process who want to make it about them.This is something I wish I would have known from the beginning.  Not everyone is excited for you, some people are jealous which blows!

Lastly, don't forget to sign up for their epic bride ride on September 14th so we can all toast to their big days! Sign up here now!

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