Everything You Need To Do After Spin Class
Posted on August 19, 2018 in REV Wellness

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Whether it’s your first spin class or your 100th, first of all - we want to congratulate you. Each and every class is a cause for celebration because you got your butt to the studio in the first place. You made it to class, you made it through class, now let’s talk about what happens after class. After 45-min, we all tend to rush out of the studio without thinking twice and return to our daily lives. Check out some ways you can take better care of your mental and physical health after a solid sweat sesh! Incorporating some of these tips into your routine could make your next workout even stronger.


It’s commonly said, but rarely done right - HYDRATION! In a 45-min spin class, the average person burns 400-700 calories, leaving a puddle of sweat under the bike. There are many different opinions about how much water one should consume per day; however, when you add a workout into the mix, your water intake must increase more than usual. How to really know if you’re hydrated? Two quick and simple ways:

  1. Pause and ask yourself if you’re thirsty - sometimes we don't even realize it!
  2. As funny as it sounds, check out your pee - dark yellow usually indicates dehydration while pale-yellow to clear means you’re good to go!


When you’re working out, food is fuel - it’s as simple as that. Though it is low impact, spin is a high intensity workout. Even if your ultimate goal is to drop a few pounds, it’s important to fuel your body correctly after a class. Try to prioritize protein directly after a workout so your muscles are able to recover faster and more efficiently.


If you’re in the majority, you stretch for about two minutes at the end of class during the cool down… right? That’s great, but it’s generally not enough. Stretching is a crucial part of recovery after a spin class, yet many of us skip it. Next time you take a class, literally time yourself with a watch or iPhone - give yourself 5 mins to hit your hip flexors, quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. Just five minutes and your legs will thank you in the long run.

Sign up for the next one right away

Especially if you have a busy life outside of the studio, it can be tough to hold yourself accountable. But results stem from consistency. To keep yourself accountable, sign up for classes ahead of time to avoid later hesitations. Directly after class, when you’re feeling sweaty and accomplished, hold on to that feeling as you immediately book your next few classes. All you have to do is keep yourself on track. Results will follow.

Buy your own pair of spin shoes

We get it. This one is an investment. But we guarantee that investing in your own gear will benefit you. Buying your very own pair of spin shoes gives you a sense of ownership, not only of the gear, but of the workout itself. However, think of your spin shoes as tools to build a house. If you decide it’s time to start building your own house with your own set of tools, think about buying a pair of spin shoes. (PS grab a discount card from the front desk to get yours at Race Pace)

Post on Social

Everyone’s doing it. Social media has become a great way to get involved and interact with your community. Whether you are a novice spinner or have been a loyal REVer for years, take a picture after a killer class and tag us. Snap it, filter it (or keep it au natural), caption it, and post! We are driven by your sweaty excitement and overall badass-ness

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