Top Reasons Why We Cycle
Posted on January 7, 2018 in REV Wellness

Indoor cycling is one of many cardio workouts to choose from today. When it comes down to it, spinning is proven to be one of the best all-around workouts, and everybody can do it! Check out REV’s top 4 reasons to hop on a bike ASAP.

1. Easy on the Joints

One of the biggest benefits of cycling is that it is especially easy on your joints compared to other workouts like the treadmill or the stair-climber. It has the exact same intensity - oftentimes more - without all that impact on your knees and ankles. While your spin instructor is a guide for your workout, it is up to you to set the intensity; you adjust the resistance and speed for your own fitness level.

2. Aerobic and Anaerobic Workout

That’s right, people - cycling is a two in one packaged deal and not many workouts can say the same. The anaerobic benefits come from fast sprint intervals where you use fast twitch muscles to build up muscular endurance. At the same time, that go-go-go mentality on the bike increases your overall cardiovascular endurance and lung capacity, thus providing aerobic benefits as well.

3. Enhance Your Mental Strength

There are countless stories about how indoor cycling has helped people improve their lives including helping to lower anxiety levels and it’s no coincidence. The loud, upbeat music and high energy of the class is truly contagious, not to mention that incredible exercise-induced endorphin rush. The feeling of pushing your body past exertion becomes a sort of catharsis that leads to a release of pent-up emotions as well as a “can-do” attitude. In a 45 minute class, you will climb mountains and race through valleys (theoretically, of course), and overcoming these challenges will empower you to take on others in your life outside of the spin room.

4. One Community, One Team

At REV Cycle Studio, we call ourselves a “tribe” for a reason. There is something special about riding alongside others in your community. Everyone in a spin class may have come for a different reason, but all are working towards one goal, TO FINISH! Sharing the experience of hard work, sweat, and vulnerability is what being part of a team is all about. It's more than just a fitness class.

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