5 Moves for Stronger Arms
Posted on September 16, 2018 in REV Wellness


We all want strong, athletic looking arms! However, it takes dedication and commitment in your fitness routine, as well as a balanced diet high in protein. We asked spin instructor Kelly and barre instructor Julianna to share their top 5 favorite moves that they do on & off the podium to get their guns.

Remember strong arms are not just cosmetic, they help you perform everyday tasks such as carrying groceries, lifting your kids or pets, reaching for items in your top cupboard, opening a champagne bottle, and so much more.

Read up, try them out, then go ahead and flex!


Tricep Dips are one of the best ways to tone your triceps, and better yet, you need little to no equipment at all to reap the rewards of this move.

Sit on a mat, bench or chair and place your hands on either side of your hips. Keep your elbows pointing behind you; bend your elbows and lower your body straight down to the floor, but only let your ass hover over the mat or ground. Take a pause, then straighten your arms.

Challenge: From the floor, cross one ankle over your opposite knee. From chair, step or bench, fully extend your legs with no bend in your knees.

Tricep Pushups: Assume a high plank, with your hands directly under your shoulders. Keep abs engaged and lower your chest to the floor, allowing elbows to graze past your ribs, then press back up. Modify by dropping your knees to the floor.

Challenge: create a triangle with your hands—this variation of a tricep pushup targets even more of those strong tricep muscles of yours! Feel free to add pulses for that extra burn!


Bicep Curls: This is a fan favorite. Why? Well, it’s simple, effective and sculpts strong, sexy arms. Standing with weights, resistance band or even soup cans from the pantry, curl up, keeping your palms facing the sky, elbows in place and biceps hugged into your armpits. Slowly lower back to starting position and repeat. The more the merrier!

Pro Tip: If you’ve been in Kelly’s interval and arms class or Juliana’s barre, you may have noticed the undeniable power of the resistance band. You can adjust the level of difficulty and it requires extra control. Our biceps are burnin’ just thinking about it.


Shoulder PressLet’s define those sleek shoulders with another favorite from Kelly and Juliana. A simple move that gives supreme definition and strength.

Stand with your arms bent 90 degrees at the side of your shoulders (imagine a football goal post). Press the weights up, keeping your wrists in line with your elbows. Slowly return to start and repeat.


Rear Fly: Oh man, a great move to strengthen your back, especially for those of you who work at a computer a majority of their day!

Stand slightly bent over with a flat back (no need to arch that ass out like you’re at a nightclub) and dumbbells hanging free in front of your thighs. Using the back of your shoulders, spread your arms out (with a soft bend in your elbows) and bring the weights up shoulder level. As you lower your arms down, imagine hugging a big beach ball.

Pro Tip: For that extra fine toning, pulse weights!

What are you waiting for?! Get out there, break a sweat and no matter what, wear that tank top and show off those arms, legs, and stomach! Why? Because you work hard for it and your body is amazing!

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