Instructor of the Month: Ashlee Wilkes
Posted on April 19, 2024 in IOTM

Meet Ashlee! Ashlee was born and raised in Maryland. As a former athlete in college, her number one mission is to inspire others and no matter how hard it gets, to keep moving forward.  Ashlee’s classes will make you feel empowered, strong, and like a total badass!

For the month of January, all of Ashlee's classes will be highlighted as "Instructor of the Month" classes. You can purchase any of her classes for $15 on our pricing page, or just use your monthly unlimited membership / regular class packs! Read on to learn more about Ashlee!

What was your first REV experience?

Well, Well, was 3 years ago and I was a first time client taking Sean TNs Monday night class. I had never taken a spin class before and lets just say I got up and left within the first three songs. Somehow I was convinced to come back, became addicted, & decided to audition 2.5 years ago (shout out to Gabby, Hannah, && Darryl for pushing through REV instructor training, those are some badass ladies who pushed me beyond words).

When did you teach your FIRST class and what was it like?

OH wow it was a Tuesday AM free community class & I was 100% scared sh*tless and definitely blacked out. I am pretty sure I couldn't even remember where the batteries were for the transmitter. It was a packed house with a lot of my friends there which made it even more fun.

Any advice for first time riders?

Have fun & Work hard. Go in with an open mind and more importantly let whatever it is outside the room go & just grind out. It's 45 min (sometimes 60 ;)) and time for you to get after it with a room full of people #commUNITY.

When and where do you teach?

I teach at Brewers Hill Thursday nights @530pm Intervals & Arms, Friday 6am Blast, & Sunday 845am REV60 Intervals & Arms.

What do you do when you're not at REV?

I enjoy other fitness classes around the city, I believe in Variety! I do pharmaceutical sales so I am always out and about in Baltimore and traveling. I enjoy skiing out west (headed to Steamboat in February!), cheering on the Buckeyes #OH, & spending time with family and friends.

What is your favorite stretch to do post spin?

Easily the hip flexor stretch. These hips always need stretched especially post spin!

What is your favorite recovery fuel/recipe?

If we are talking health I love an easy homemade smoothie; spinach, peanut butter, collagen, vegan protein vanilla powder, & good. If we are talking "not so health" fortunately Chick Fil A is 100 yards from the BH studio #LetsGetIt

What’s the #1 most played song in your iPod/smartphone?

Call On Me by Starley Ft Ryan Riback Remix. Its played in class & in the car a lot. One of those songs I heard when it first came out and never get sick of it! Always, mixed in with a little Luke Combs...I am from Frederick.

When you get 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?

I usually call a family member to check in; my mom or Grandpa most of the time lol...or scroll through Instagram. I love catching up with my grandpa and hearing the latest greatest news. I have been trying to cook more extravagant meals other than the usual...Instagram has some bomb recipes.

If you weren't teaching at REV or working in your current career, what would you want to do?

Sounds cliche' but I would love to own my own fitness/recovery center. After recovering from 3 torn ACLs in high school and college it made me realize how important recovery truly is. But if we are talking "dream job," FBI agent. I think it would be so awesome.

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