Meet REV's Master Instructor: Sean Sanders
Posted on July 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

Though he is a natural on the podium, Sean Sanders never thought he would be a REV instructor. Tennessee, born and raised, Sean grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball. So if you asked him what “spin” was a few years ago, he couldn’t have told you. Little did he know, that when he moved to Baltimore, spin would become a huge, unexpected passion in his life, opening many doors to new opportunities, friends, and fulfillment.

To celebrate Sean’s new role as Master Instructor, we sat down to get to know him better and to learn what is in store for the future at REV.

What brought you to Baltimore?

In 2013 I moved from Tennessee to Baltimore. I my first year of living here I was offered an internship with FX Studios at the Under Armour Performance Center.

Have you always been into fitness/spin?

Fitness and sports has been a part of my entire life. Growing up a 3 sport athlete I played football, basketball, and baseball. I didn't even really know much about spin till I moved to Baltimore.

How did you become involved with REV?

While interning at FX, I was able to meet and train Rick Zambrano, the owner of REV. One day Rick asked a buddy of mine, Reed Sothoron, if he knew anybody that was looking for a part-time job working the front desk at REV and that's how it all started.

Yet despite working frequently at the desk, Sean had not actually taken that many classes. He was anxious to try out for instructing.

“One thing led to another and Esther Collinetti said, “I want you to become an instructor”, and just took off from there.”

Regardless of all anxiety and hesitation, he simply just “went for it.” This mindset embodies the REV way. Taking the leap was only the beginning for Sean.

What do you love most about REV?

The passion that our clients have for the community, for each other, and for REV.

In one sentence, how would you describe REV?

REV is a place that you change, set and achieve fitness goals.

As the first Master Instructor at REV, what are your job responsibilities and priorities?

To help lead and develop a strong team.

Are you excited about this new role?

YES, can't wait to see what the future holds!

Where do you see the future of REV going?

Expanding the company and the brand to others here in Maryland.

What do you do when you're not at REV?

When I'm not at REV I'm usually at the gym cross training, playing sports, or doing something outdoors. #getoutsideanddosomthin

Sean’s journey from front desk to Master Instructor is an example of walking through an open door when the opportunity presents itself. It can be scary and it can be uncomfortable, but a whole new perspective lies on the other side. Sean opened the door and unlocked this unknown potential by taking the first step and not looking back. We couldn’t be more excited to see where he takes the REV Team! Congratulations on becoming Master Instructor, Sean!

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