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Posted on July 14, 2019 in REV Community

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One of our favorite past times - second to sweating at REV of course - is to sit back, relax and enjoy a good book. Are you looking for the perfect read that you can toss in your suitcase or take to the beach this summer? We’ve polled our instructors for their personal favorite summer reads. They’ve put together some stellar picks, ranging from motivational and self-help books, to historical fiction and memoirs. So whether or not you’re looking for something laugh-out-loud funny, tear jerking or inspiration provoking, REV has got you covered! Read on to check out their top picks!


I just finished reading Abby Wambach’s Book, Wolfpack, earlier this month. It was an easy read and loved the focus of unleashing your power you are born with both physically and mentally. I am currently reading, The Next Person you Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Album and love it!


The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews – “I felt a distinct shift in the way I carried myself, the way I thought, the way I taught, the way I lived…everything shifted when I read that book.

The Last Arrow by Erwin McManus – “This book is all about saving nothing for the next life and living our lives to the fullest. It spoke volumes to me about having the courage to not hold my arrows so closely to my chest, but rather have the strength and courage and power to pick the arrow up and really aim – shoot for something. The tragedy in life is not that we die, but that we die with our quivers full… after reading this book I can boldly say I have the courage to pull the arrows I have been given out of the quiver and shoot them.”


Washington Black by Esi Edugyan. It's a story about a young slave boy, his escape and his adventures afterwards. I enjoyed this read because it reminded me of what is possible when someone invests in a child who might need the help. It's a story of slavery, but also adventure and art and seeing the world.


Right now I'm reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. And recently read You are A Badass by Jen Sincero. Both really inspiring and super easy reads!

Michelle Obama's book, Becoming, is also a great summer read!


I really enjoyed The Alice Network by Kate Quinn! Historical fiction is my favorite.


Chelsea Handler's book - Life Will Be The Death of Me


Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys into Fame and Madness - It was a very entertaining account of musicians and artists. Short Story Journalism!


Becoming, by Michelle Obama -- Through honesty, wit & deep reflection, Michelle's memoir invites her readers into her world & the experiences that have shaped her. Her book takes you on a trip through triumphs, tribulations & real life wisdom.


Loving the book, The Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes. I’m currently reading it!


The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle has been a great read so far on how to build a successful team environment that fosters creativity! It’s great for someone in a management position looking for insight.


The Windup Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami (If you haven't read any Haruki Murakami, change that). For anyone interested in running, he has a fascinating book called "What I talk about when I talk about running" It's all about his philosophy on running.

Chesapeake Requiem: A Year With the Watermen of Vanishing Tangier Island by Earl Swift. For anyone concerned with climate change and the real world effects, this book is all about what happens when your home starts to disappear because of the rising ocean. Takes place right here in the Chesapeake Bay.


My favorite summer read thus far has been Becoming by Michelle Obama. A client recommended it to me and let me borrow her copy, which I have since passed on to another barre instructor! The book talks about her roots and how she found her voice, as well as her time in the White House. And, if you're into audio books, the audio book is narrated by Michelle Obama.

Is there a better time of year that begs for that new page turner than summer? Carve out some time in your busy and hard-working days to curl up and snag one of these reads for yourself, starting with these highly acclaimed finds from yours truly, REV. Don’t be surprised if you look up and find the whole day gone!

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