REVapalooza: Your Questions Answered
Posted on June 30, 2019 in REV Community

Summer Attendance Challenge

What is REVapalooza?

REVapalooza is a fun twist on a themed-based attendance challenge. Any themes or events that we hold from July 8th - 31st, will count towards your total number of classes from our “Line Up” over the 3 weeks. Take 8, 10, or 12 classes and receive exclusive prizes!

How do I sign up?

Easy! Click here and fill out the form. You will get a confirmation email confirming you’re IN!

How do I know which classes count toward the weekly “Line Up”?

We will be sending out the Weekly Line Up on Sundays in our newsletter. We will also be posting on our Instagram Story and Facebook Page on Mondays to help you plan for the week.

What if I miss those? Is there another way to see which classes count towards the challenge?

Yes! All classes will be titled REVapalooza on the schedule.

Do both barre and spin count?

Of course! Anything that says REVapalooza in front of the class name counts!

Can I take classes from the “Line Up” at both studios or just my flagship studio?

Both locations count, but please record your classes only at your flagship studio.

Can I take multiple classes from the “Line Up” in one day?

Only 1 class per day will count!

Can I sign up for the Challenge after it starts?

The last day to sign up for REVapalooza will be the 8th, day 1 of the challenge!

When will we be able to pick up our prizes?

Please allow 2-3 weeks after the challenge ends.

Where can I pick up my prizes?

At your flagship studio, where you signed up for the challenge and recorded your classes. Our front desk will have a list of our winners!

Can I change my shirt size after I fill out the registration form?

Unfortunately not, we will be ordering for the exact amount of winners.

Are you ready for your strongest summer yet? Sign up for the challenge here!

Have other questions? Reach out to for more information. Let’s jam out in July together!

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