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Posted on September 29, 2019 in REV Community

Some think Mondays are tough, but others jump at the opportunity for a new week and a fresh start! We sat down with Barb, Hannah, Jackie and Lamar, to get their take on teaching first thing on Monday mornings and why they love it so much! So sit back and get ready to feel excited about your next Monday sweat sesh!

What Monday morning class do you teach?

Barb: 7 AM REVIntervals + Arms at McHenry Row

Hannah: 6 AM REVBlast at McHenry Row

Jackie: 6 AM BARRE45 at McHenry Row

Lamar: 6 AM REV45 at Brewers Hill

Would you say you are an early bird or a night owl?

Barb: Early Bird ALL THE WAY! I think being a swimmer ingrained waking up early and accomplishing something as a lifestyle-and I have not been able to shake it! I love waking up early and moving my body-it is how I prefer to start my days and I feel infinitely better when I do.

Hannah: Early bird, for sure!

Jackie: Early Bird

Lamar: Early Bird

What is your ritual for preparing for your Monday morning class?

Barb: I always take an hour or so to put together my playlist and format for class on Sunday afternoon, I try not to save it for night so I can relax a little #sundayscaries. Since my class isn't until 7 am and the focus of the class is on the riders, not on me, I try to wake up around 5 and get my own workout in before class so I can go into class feeling clear and with some endorphins of my own!

Hannah: I wake up around 4:45 - make some coffee and run over my playlist.

Jackie: Prep playlist on Sunday evening and set 2 alarms the night before. Make sure I get to bed by 9:30. Wake up at 5:20, dress and head out the door. Cup of coffee immediately entering REV!

Lamar: Wake up at 4:20am. Make coffee. Edit/Listen to entire playlist. Out the door by 5:20am. Studio by 5:30am. Sound check in the studio. 50-100 pushups. Let’s get it!! #HereForIt

What is your favorite thing about Monday mornings?

Barb: I love Monday mornings because they really set the tone for the week. I find that when I skip Monday morning workouts I go into the week less optimistic and less clear. Waking up early on Monday and pushing my body sets my day and ultimately my week up for success.

Hannah: New week, fresh start! I actually love Mondays. I'm motivated and ready to get sh*t done!

Jackie: It's sets the tone for the week. I'm a firm believer in never missing a Monday.

Lamar: Setting the tone/intention for the week for myself and clients.

What is your favorite Monday morning song?

Barb: Ah this is a hard one. I recently threw it back to Indian Summer by Jai Wolf. With the lights off and everyone just riding by candlelight in the beginning of class, I felt some serious feels!!! For myself before class, I am typically blasting Coldplay or Hillsong in my headphones :)---or a podcast to get my mind right to get up and lead y'all!

Hannah: Can't Hold Us - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Jackie: Anything that's up beat and has a positive message.

Lamar: All of them.

What piece of advice would you give to REVers that have a hard time making it to early morning classes?

Barb: Moments create momentum. I cannot think of a better momentum to create for your day, your week, your month, your year, your life--than being a person who creates momentum of greatness, momentum of integrity, momentum of commitment, momentum of strength, momentum of courage etc. A big thing for me is not negotiating with my mind. Have your mind made up!! I heard that there is nothing more powerful than a mind made up. Make a plan, commit to the plan, and don't negotiate!

Hannah: Accountability. Sign up for the class the day before so you are committed and have a workout buddy!

Jackie: Just start and stop making excuses. Once you do it a few times, it will become part of your routine and you'll make it a habit to kick off your Monday at 6am every week. "We first make our habits, and then our habits make us!"

Lamar: It’s a challenge. Change does not happen without challenge. Step outside your comfort zone (or your bed) and do something different. That real magic is on the other side of comfort. Go get it!

Did you notice a pattern? Each instructor recommends starting the new week on a positive note, aka sweating with your #REVTribe first thing in the morning! Challenge yourself this week and make it to a Monday morning class! You’ll be happy you did.

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