How REVing Can Make You a Better Runner
Posted on October 4, 2019 in REV Wellness

Faith Reilly, PT, DPT, Certified Exercise Physiologist at FX Physical Therapy, Spinning® Certified 2015

Since it's RUNtober and everyone we know seems to be training for some sort of race, we asked our friends at FX Physical Therapy what they thought of spinning in relation to running and training plans. Spoiler alert - they are big fans! Read on to learn how spinning at REV can make you a stronger runner!

We have good news for you avid spinners - spinning regularly, mixed in with a well-balanced run training program, can make you a better runner. The best training programs, no matter what your target race distance, incorporate cross training days to prevent injury and burnout.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get on the next bike at REV!<

  1. Cycling helps you maintain cardiovascular fitness for more efficient running. A 2018 study proved sprint cycling significantly improved intermittent run performance, VO2max (the max amount of oxygen that can be used during intense exercise), and peak power output at VO2max (the Watts number on REV’s screens).
  2. Cycling allows for you to progress mileage and speed, while decreasing joint load. A 2015 study found that six sessions of six 10-second all-out sprints (followed by 30-second rests) on a stationary bike improved 3,000m run time by 3.1%.
  3. In spin class, you are using the same muscle groups (quads, hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings) in the same plane as running (sagittal plane). This is called the specificity of training principle, which helps you train more efficiently and avoid plateau in your running.  You also can build strength in these target muscles with larger gears/hill tracks on the bike.
  4. Spin is a great method of Active Recovery, to increase blood flow to aching muscles and get rid of metabolic waste to help you get back to running faster.
  5. Cycling also allows you to mix up your training to avoid burnout in long training programs that can be up to 16 weeks for half and full marathon programs. Spin offers a group environment (#REVtribe) versus solo training and REV’s instructors and beats can keep you motivated to go the distance!

Below, we have provided what a balanced Run/Cycle week at REV might look like:

Monday: Speed or tempo run (Intervals, Track, etc) - Moderate/Strenuous

Tuesday: Recovery ride, 30 to 60 minutes - Easy (Nick's 6 am REV45 would be a great option!)

Wednesday: Easy effort long run, 45 to 60 mins- Easy

Thursday: Sprint, hill, or tempo ride - Moderate/Strenuous (Kelly's 4:30 pm REVIntervals + Arms anyone?)

Friday: Easy effort run 30 to 40 minutes - Easy

Saturday: Race simulation run - Moderate/Strenuous

Sunday: Rest day- Stretching and mobility work, foam rolling, good hydration and nutrition.

For more information, FX Physical Therapy will be at The Baltimore Running Festival October 19th. So come stop by and learn more about getting a Movement Physical, Running Gait Assessment, or Injury Consult to keep you riding and running #REV strong!

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