Sean's HUGE Recovery Tips
Posted on September 24, 2017 in REV Wellness

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We sat down with REV instructor Sean Sanders to get his take on the best forms of recovery for those with rigorous workout schedules. Sean teaches eight REV classes a week with one day off. He also makes time to balance his cardio routine with heavy weights at the gym, all while keeping up with school on the side.  If anyone knows how to maintain a healthy and injury-free lifestyle, it’s this southern gent. Take a look at what Sean does to keep his body in top shape!

What do you eat after you workout?

After a spin class: A banana or a quest protein bar mix of carbs and protein is really important after a cardio-focused workout. (Looking for info on what to eat before spin class check out our blog here)

After I lift: True Grit protein shake followed by a small meal. When you’re lifting, you're essentially breaking down your muscles. Protein is the most important thing to eat to immediately refuel after a lift, and then any other form of healthy nutrition is my second priority.

You teach almost every day! What do you do to take care of your body to avoid injury and fatigue?

One way I try and take care of my body is by making sure I get plenty of sleep and rest. People definitely underestimate how important sleep is, and most people don't get even close to enough of it.

To stay in shape outside of spin I do a lot of cross training like boot camps and lifting. Also, I am starting to run more and take more yoga classes! It’s good to challenge your body in new ways, and get it moving in ways it’s not always used to moving.

What do you like to do to wind down?

While winding down I normally like to chill and watch TV. I’m not home a lot so when I am, I try and do what I can to relax and give myself a break. It’s something everyone needs to do in their lives.

I love watching sports - any sport, really! I’m also really into the History Channel, Game of Thrones, and House Of Cards. I always like a good documentary here and there.

You recently took a hot yoga class, tell us more.

Hot yoga was awesome! I enjoyed the sweat and the challenges that came with it. Ever since I took that first one at CorePower, I’ve tried to take more yoga classes and stretch out my body so that I can have more mobility and flexibility. I really realized how much my body needs it!

And, yes… it was the most I’ve ever sweat in my entire life.

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