Turning My Passion Into A Business
Posted on June 30, 2017 in REV Community

Hey there!

I’m Emma, founder of Emmazing Eats. You may also recognize me from behind the front desk at REV Brewers Hill. I’m so excited to be sharing my wellness journey with y’all and tell you a bit about how Emmazing Eats came to be!

If I’m not out and about with my husband and dogs, on a bike, or at the front desk at REV, you’ll definitely find me in my kitchen. It’s my happy place. There is something so magical about taking a variety of ingredients and turning them into a dish you can share with others.

My love of food came much later than my love of staying active and working out. Growing up I was the pickiest eater - my diet mostly consisted of chicken tenders, pasta, and pop tarts. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I noticed how my overall health and athletic performance was affected by how I was fueling my body. I struggled with stomach issues for over 8 years. Doctors thought it was a variety of different issues, but they never actually figured it out.

Everything changed when I was introduced to Whole30 in January 2015. Whole30 changed my life and the way I viewed food. I suddenly became more aware of what I was putting in my body and how foods were affecting me. That month was also the first month I did not struggle with stomach issues. While Whole30 is definitely not something that I would want to maintain for 365 days, I learned a lot about food during that month that I still reference 2 years later.

After moving to Baltimore from Charlotte in April of 2016, I have constantly found myself surrounded by people who aren’t afraid of being uncomfortable and are always up for a challenge.  They're the type of people (Hello November Project and REV cycle) who encourage me to break down the walls of fear and doubt, always pushing me out of my comfort zone. There wasn’t a specific moment in time when I decided “I’m going to do this.” But, over time I realized a connection building through the constant support these communities provided me when it came to sharing my passion of all things food.

So here we are today, and I have just started my own company (yay, Emmazing Eats!) that focuses on incorporating better food options for you as you start (or continue) on your own journey of healthy living! Food is so powerful, not just in the sense that it keeps us living, but that it also has such a profound effect on helping establish and maintain meaningful relationships with those around you. I have found that during my time in Baltimore, my relationships with friends have frequently been established around our kitchen table, through sharing a dish, a treat, or some energy bites with others! I too hope to share my love of all things food with you!

I have recently rolled out some energy bites at REV, and you can grab your own at either studio! These bites are perfect as a snack during the day, good for holding you over after a workout until you can get a full meal in, or even just as a better option when looking for something a little sweet!

I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me- especially with all the good food and the awesome people that I will get to meet along the way! My dream is to one day cook for others and help shape their healthy eating habits with every meal they consume. Selling these energy bites is the first step on my own journey to bring healthy food choices to everyone I work with.

If your curious about one of my recipes, I’ve attached the ingredients and directions to my homemade overnight chia bowls below. Enjoy!


Overnight chia bowls:

1/2 cup chia seeds

3/4 cup milk of choice

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp maple syrup

Fresh fruit of your choice

1/3 cup favorite granola

1/4 cup coconut meat

1 tbsp cocoa nibs

Mix chia seeds with milk, vanilla, and maple syrup

Place bowl in fridge to let chia seeds set and thicken. (I prefer at least 1 hour minimum- the longer the better)

Top with granola, berries, coconut meat, and cocoa nibs

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