Teamwork, Competition and the Art of Balance
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At REV, we think of our clients as athletes as soon as they hop on the bike.  Thus, we train our clients as athletes.  In fact, many REV instructors were once elite college athletes including Kelly Rabil who is now a world class lacrosse player.  Kelly is determined to train her clients with the same energy she plays with on the field.  She leads by example.  “I ask them not to be so hard on themselves and find the joy in what they are doing.”  However, the road to the top has not been an easy one for her.  She knows what it means to overcome struggle through hard work and a positive outlook.

As an athlete, Kelly explains firsthand how injuries and setbacks are all part of the game. She has torn both of her ACLs at crucial times in her career.

“I reminded myself that it was not the end of the world and to put things into perspective.”
This mindset helped Kelly balance what she was dealing with and realize she was still very fortunate. “With the help of my teammates, family, doctors, coaches, and trainers, I was able to push through… I’m thankful to come out on top.”

Kelly’s experience with overcoming injuries has shaped her work ethic and her personal motto: outwork everyone else.  Yet despite her competitive attitude, teamwork is everything to her.  The best part about being on a team is having a group of girls that she can call her sisters.  She brings this quality to her spin classes as well.  Kelly’s class is upbeat and interactive, and the riders ride as a team.  As an instructor, she is a coach, but she is also working right alongside the group and motivating them to get through it together.

The balance between playing professional lacrosse and being a fitness instructor is not easy, but Kelly handles it with discipline and grace.  “It can be difficult at times and feel like the hours in the day are running by you,” she said.  “With that said, I am very, very lucky to be able to do what I love every day and that quickly reminds me to keep my butt in gear.”

She knows that not every day will be easy whether it’s on the field, on the spin bike, or life in general.  “I always tell myself to be the best version of me that day,” Kelly said.  She explained how every day is different and every day holds its own challenges, but this alone builds character.  For Kelly, it’s not about what kind of day she is having, but how she will handle that day.

“We each have the choice to stay positive... some days may just require a little bit more positivity than others and that’s okay.” 
Kelly’s attitude and mindset towards life is what makes her so successful in so many ways.  Despite her rigorous schedule, she handles each day as it comes and knows that each day is just another step forward in this game called life.

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